As avid fans of design, we love to share the work of some of the world’s leading interior designers. Not only to celebrate their creativity but also to provide you with some inspiration for decorating your own homes.


In this article, we look at 5 of the most influential interior and furniture designers from across the world. Two are no longer with us, but their concepts still shape the modern designs of today.  


Philippe Starck


Philippe Starck is a French industrial architect and designer known in particular for his wide range of designs, including interior design, architecture, household objects and furniture, boats or other vehicles.



Photo: Skonahem


His furniture, or items inspired by his designs, can be seen in homes around the world, such as the Louis Ghost Chair, (above), or the Masters Chair  (below), both designed for Kartell.




Photo: Amberth



Le Corbusier


Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier, was a Swiss-French architect and designer who lived from 1887-1965. He became one of the most influential figures in architecture from the 1920s. Breaking away from tradition, he established a new style that made homes functional. One that still heavily influences contemporary interiors today.




Photo: Houzz



Key characteristics of Le Corbusier’s style are large open plan spaces with floor to ceiling walls of glass and lots of natural light and ventilation. Furniture is lightweight and minimalist with legs to raise it off the floor to increase the sense of space and make cleaning easy. His designs include plenty of storage, with modular cabinets to hide away clutter. And walls are painted as a blank canvas to create the perfect backdrop for abstract decorative accessories to stand out. 



Abigail Ahern


Abigail Ahern is a British designer who’s been described as ‘one of the world’s most exciting designers’ by W Magazine. She has a unique style and very bold approach to interiors and sells her own collection of furniture, lighting, mirrors, paint, soft furnishings and accessories.



Photo: Home Beautiful


Key characteristics of Abigail’s designs are to start with a colour pallet of no more than four colours to make your space feel sophisticated. Include some oversized pieces of furniture to provide a dramatic contrast to the rest of the room (she’s an advocate of putting big furniture in small rooms). Make it cosy by adding some wooden accents. Drape throws and sheepskins over sofas and add lots of lamps (she suggests 8 in a small room) for ambience.


Jean-Louis Deniot


Jean-Louis Deniot is a French interior designer and architect who has been described as one of the most emblematic designers of our time. His website defines him as being in the business of creating atmospheres, and his style is designed to promote harmony and wellbeing.




Photo: Architectural Digest



Key characteristics of Deniot’s interiors are using soft shading in muted colour pallets (he’s been known to use up to 20 different shades of the same colour). He then combines patterns, materials and textures with furniture from different periods. This creates interiors that are stunningly luxurious, elegant and serene.



Kelly Hoppen


Kelly Hoppen is a South-African born British interior designer with over 40 years’ experience at the forefront of the design industry. Her website describes her as one of the most celebrated and sought-after interior designers in the world. And her style is described as a subtle fusion of East meets West.



Photo: My Design Agenda


Key characteristics of Kelly’s interiors is to combine neutral tones, such as taupe and linen (her signature colours) with the clean lines of Eastern-inspired furniture. She adds luxurious warmth by mixing textures, such as rough linens and hessians, with smooth silks. Lighting is also an important feature of Kelly’s spaces, as she uses it to create atmosphere and a comfortable living space.



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