When considering a design scheme for your home, it is important to account for every last detail to maximise its potential. At Amberth we believe that the first point of contact in your home should set the tone for what’s to come so, the we believe the entrance hall should show your personality. We thought we would share 5 quick and easy ways to achieve a welcoming entrance hall full of character and charm.

1. Exert confidence in a quiet tasteful way. Plain white walls are great start to welcome the addition of bold flooring and a large pendant light, whilst a stair runner gently invites you in. Contrasting patterns that borrow tones form one another maintains order and a sense of intrigue and a desire to explore further can be experienced here.


Photo Credit: Aursini

2. If your space provides a natural charm with a grand staircase and gorgeous wall and ceiling details it is a good idea to highlight this with a simple design scheme. Allow original features to stand out and welcome your guests with the basic addition of a couple of seating and a beautiful side table.



Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

3. A fresh, airy space which floats seamlessly on top of a detailed floor tile can be heavenly. In this case introduce some classic treasures that will proclaim a timeless quality to the overall ambiance. A vintage side table provides a place for the planters and sits comfortably tucked to one side whilst a wooden bench creates further texture doubling up as a shoe rack and a place to sit. The sheer simplicity of this entrance hall is what makes it so special and pops of red gives you a small sense of character.


Image Credit: Coach House Home

4. If you are unsure what you want your entrance hall to say about you then consider a gallery inspired theme showcasing your favourite art work. This entrance hall has cleverly incorporated a traditional feel with the choice of art and frames yet it still feels bright and contemporary with the choice of colour and pattern for the seating.


Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

5. If you like taking risks then opt for bold patterned walls as a real statement to welcome your guests. This entrance hall is loud, bright and fun. The hallway echos the pattern found on the stained glass windows with a busy pattern which has been balanced out by leaving the white timber floors untouched. It’s a real feast for your eyes but whats not to love here! Take care of every last detail and enjoy the process whilst doing so.


Photo Credit: Goodchild Interiors