Minimalism in home interiors is all about simplicity, open spaces, clean lines and an uncluttered environment. But while many homeowners dream of having less clutter, they’re put off going for a minimalist design because they think it will make their home feel bleak, bare and cold.


And this has never been truer than when it comes to the kitchen with all its hard surfaces. The kitchen is often described as being the heart of the home, after all. And who wants to spend time in a place that feels uninviting?


Well, we’re here to show you that a minimalist kitchen doesn’t have to be bland, boring or stark. Here are six minimalist kitchen remodel ideas that will give you the uncluttered yet homey feel you love.


Choose white or light colours


Minimalist white kitchen
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If you’ve got a small kitchen, flooding it with white will instantly make it appear much larger than it really is. Natural light bounces off white surfaces, opening the kitchen up and making it feel spacious.


This modern minimalist kitchen with its all-white units and worktops looks very sleek and sophisticated. The walls and ceiling are painted in white too, which opens it up even more.


But an all-white kitchen could look a little cold and clinical if you’re not careful. So, to avoid that happening add a few touches of wood. In this kitchen, walnut flooring and pine windowsills have been added to break the white up and add warmth.


Use bright pops of colour


A kitchen with a pop of colour
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If you prefer colour in your kitchen, adding pops of it here and there works well for a minimalist kitchen too.


You can choose just two contrasting colours – making one the dominant colour and using the other one sparingly. Or choose a few colours, like in this kitchen. It’s predominantly green, but the yellow fridge/freezer and red oven really stand out.


Then when you add in the white tiles, walls and ceiling, the overall effect is really quite stunning.


Add some greenery


Greenery added to a kitchen
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If you’re worried that a minimalist kitchen will feel lifeless, what better way is there to avoid that than by adding life! Yes, we’re talking about greenery here.


The odd green pot plant on a countertop or kitchen island works well and will last for years if you look after it. Or why not double the use of your greenery by adding a little herb garden. That way, you’ll get that injection of life in the kitchen and have some herbs to hand when you’re cooking.


There’s also the option of adding cut flowers to your minimalist kitchen, which adds green and a spot of colour.


Minimalise to maximise the space



Beech Inspired Kitchen
Photo credit: Phil Ryan


If you want a clutter-free minimalist kitchen, then you’ve really got to maximise the storage space. And this kitchen is an excellent example of how that can be achieved.


The kitchen is really quite tiny. But the space has been maximised by the large number of cabinets that have been fitted into it. The designer has used all the space available, stretching right up to the ceiling. This means everything can be packed away behind closed doors to keep the worktops clutter-free.


Use leveling


Kitchen that uses leveling
Photo Credit: Patricia Bagienski


One of the key features of minimalism is simplicity and clean lines. And one of the ways to introduce those clean lines is to add levels into your design.


This open plan room design uses many levels. First, the kitchen is elevated above the living room area. The next level is created by the worktops. Then the levels move up through the shelving units on the back wall.


Hide appliances 


A kitchen with hidden storage
Photo credit: David Giles – Amberth


We all need our vital appliances in the kitchen. But when you only have a small space, they can quickly take over. Breaking up the sleek line of cabinets and making the whole room look busy and untidy. The solution is to hide them.


We designed this minimalist kitchen for one of our clients. Appliances, including a washing machine and boiler, are hidden behind the cabinet doors. We even included hanging space for coats and there’s still plenty of storage space available for all the usual kitchen bits and bobs.


If you need help designing a minimalist kitchen,contact Amberth and talk to a member of our team.