Christmas is near, and the season is tangible. As you prepare to host your loved ones, the allure of seasonal decor comes to mind – with your Christmas table as the heart of the celebration.  


More good news: your tablescape doesn’t demand extravagant effort. With just a few creative touches, you can turn it into something extraordinary. No massive spends. Or tedious arrangements. Just the simple beauty of the season. 


Let’s explore some elegant yet simple ideas to elevate your Christmas table.   


Simple Yet Stylish Centre Pieces  



Photo Credit: Home With Kelsey  


Your Christmas table needs a focal point. And a little winter foliage is an effortless way to add this. Wrap wreathes around your candles. Or adorn your table runner with festive verdure. Skip the runner to let your greenery be the statement piece.  


Use your centerpieces as a way to bring texture to your table. Soft, feathery plants like pine sprigs allow you to drape them over the edge of your table. While the silvery-green leaves of eucalyptus add a contemporary touch; perfectly paired with the warm tones of gold or bronze.  


Balance The Busyness 



Photo Credit: Catherine Jane Designs 


Placemats and coasters are an essential for easy clean-ups. And they’re a great way to merge functionality with flair. If your table’s looking busy, keep it clean with single-toned placemats, napkins, and coasters. If your centerpiece is minimalistic, let these items add some detail. Do Christmas in style and match your colours with the accents in your home. Keep sustainability in mind – buy reusable, timeless items that can be brought out again next year.  



Perfectly Placed  



  Photo Credit: Gold Is Neutral 


Be selective and intentional in arranging your decor. Mix pieces with various heights for a little depth. But space out taller items so they don’t compromise conversation.  


Play with unique displays for a distinct style. Hang statement pieces from above. Add spicey scents like rosemary or cinnamon. And seek out aesthetics that speak to you. Inviting your unique taste to the table.  



Cast A Merry Glow  



Photo Credit: The Spruce 


Light has the power to transform spaces, especially during the festive season. Cast a welcoming glow with organic candles of various heights. And use delicate fairy lights for that whimsical feel. Don’t limit them to the tree – let them drape down your curtains or hang over doorways and stairs. Be careful not to overdo them – they should add to your ambiance, not take centrestage.  



Create Personalised Place Cards  




Photo Credit: Annie Selke 


Add a personal touch with handwritten place cards and simplify your seating plan. Forage your garden and tie foliage to spice sprigs or dried orange slices. Pin these to chair backs or napkins for a delicate, final touch to your display. 


Reduce, Re-use, Rejoice 



Photo Credit: Upcyclist 


Sustainability holds great importance in our world. Influencing our choices, even during this festive season. Reduce the excess. Buy reusable materials. And recycle those beautiful decorations from last year.  


Discover the art of crafting upcycled decorations.  And seek out sustainably sourced items when adding new elements. So you can enhance beauty to your home. Whilst maintaining earth’s.  




Style Your Home This Season 

Need help in giving your home a festive flair? Contact Amberth and talk to a member of our team. We’d be happy to welcome in this festive season with you.