With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to clamber up to the loft and bring down those trusty old decorations. Decking your home out with twinkling lights, glittering baubles, ribbons and bows is lots of fun and helps set the festive mood for the season. But why not try something new this year for your Christmas decor?


Christmas is a time to fill your home with magic! So, heat up the mulled wine, pop on some Christmas tunes and get creative with these stylish Christmas decor ideas.


Welcome visitors with a homemade wreath


Making a Christmas wreath is a fun way to spend an afternoon and get you in the festive spirit. And who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas crafting! All you need is a florist’s wreath and wire, green foliage and some winter flowers or other decorations.




Cover the wreath base with evergreen foliage such as spruce, holly and ivy (if you forage around outside, you may be able to get these in your local woods or from hedges).


If you like a traditional wreath, stick to just the greenery, and dress it up with a colourful bow and some pinecones. If you’d like to add some colour, attach some baubles using florist’s wire.


Or, sticking with the natural outdoors theme, instead of baubles, add colour using traditional Christmassy flowers from your local florist’s. Varieties such as red roses, snow-white chrysanthemums or colourful carnations work well. Then accessorise with twigs, lotus heads, pinecones, or dried fruit.


Photo: Flora Queen


Deck the halls with DIY garlands


We’re big fans of bringing nature indoors, and Christmas is the perfect time to do it. 


Garland making is a fun Christmas craft activity you can do with the whole family. Start with a festive morning out, visiting your local flower market to stock up on supplies. Look for evergreen tree branches such as cypress, pine, cedar, spruce, hemlock, and juniper. 


To make a garland, you simply need to create lots of bundles of small 6” pieces of evergreens then tie them along a piece of string using florist’s wire. Decorate them by attaching pinecones, dried fruit, holly berries and ribbons for a traditional, natural look.


The most common places to use garlands is draped up your staircase and over the mantlepiece. But you can also use them to frame doors and windows or add a bit of Christmas cheer to a large mirror. You can even hang them on the ceiling, against the walls around a room.


You really could turn your home into a winter wonderland using garlands if you wanted to. And just imagine the beautiful, fresh smell!



Photo: Feed Inspiration



Adorn small spaces with decorated fir branches


Still on the theme of bringing the outside in (because who doesn’t love that smell!), this idea is about creating something that works well in smaller spaces. After all, we don’t all have grand sweeping staircases and mantlepieces.


All you need is a single fir branch, hung from the ceiling with a piece of string tied to each end. Then accessorise! As with wreaths and garlands, you can hang pinecones, bows, ribbons, baubles or any other type of decoration you like. 


We love the fir branch in this image (featured in the House & Garden magazine). It’s a great example of just how creative you can be. Tiny vases, filled with festive winter flowers, are hung using platted golden twine. It’s so simple yet beautifully stylish.




Photo: House & Garden



Create a magical winter wonderland


You do need plenty of space for this one… but imagine waking up in the morning and coming down the stairs into a beautiful winter woodland scene! A forest full of fir trees and snow. All you need is a few fir trees grouped together and some fake snow. No other decorations are needed.


But if you don’t have space for a large display, why not replicate the look on a smaller scale? You could create a tabletop decoration with miniature fir trees instead. It would look fantastic on a dresser or large windowsill.




Photo: The Design Twins



Get cosy with festive blankets and cushions


When we think of Christmas in the UK, we think of cold weather outside while we’re all snug and cosy inside. And nobody does snug and cosy quite like the Danes. 


Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish concept of creating joy and cosiness in life’s everyday moments. And being warm plays an important role in that. So, when it comes to Christmas blankets and cushions, why not embrace hygge and go Scandinavian style?


To get the look, choose fabrics that mix earthy colours like cream, white, grey, and sand, with traditional Christmas reds, blues and greens. And the Danes believe in having plenty of blankets and cushions throughout the house. So, drape them over sofas, chairs and beds to create a cosy and harmonious feel.




Photo: Ideal Home



Add an inviting glow, with a stylish candle display


Doesn’t Christmas feel more… well, Christmassy in the magical glow of candlelight? 


Candles have been synonymous with Christmas for centuries across the world, so we couldn’t leave them out! And they are so versatile when it comes to creating festive displays. The only limit is your imagination.


If you love candlesticks, you could group a few together. Stick to one or two colours and place them along a mantlepiece. Silver and glass candlesticks are very sophisticated and look great together.


If you prefer pillar candles, all you really need to start with is a base to put them on or in. For example, you could use a metallic plate, a glass bowl, a plant pot or even a log. Place them in groups, or on their own, then decorate around the base. Try loading up colourful baubles, pinecones sprayed gold or with ‘snow’, winter foliage or berries. 


And, if you choose scented candles, you’ll fill your home with wonderful Christmassy smells like mulled wine, festive spices or winter berries. Perfect for a warm and cosy evening.





Photo: House Beautiful



Keep it simple with minimalist Christmas decor


If your home décor is all about keeping it simple, you may want to take the same approach with your Christmas decorations.


When it comes to your tree, simply put it in a pot or basket and leave it natural. Or you could just hang some white lights or a few ornaments. Black and white are traditional colours for this style. 


For other decorations you can hang natural garlands and use candles as we’ve mentioned before… but go easy on the accessories. Stick to the natural outdoor elements and keep ornaments and colours to a minimum. There’s no place for bright colours in minimalist Christmas decor.




Photo: Harlow & Thistle


If you want advice on how to make the most of your home decor this Christmas, contact Amberth and talk to a member of our team!