With colour trends constantly changing and evolving, Amberth like to explore the use of different colour combinations and the impact it may have on a space. As specialists in bathroom designs we thought it would be a good idea to look at the changing trends of colours often used in the bathroom, from pastels to deep tones and how they change with the seasons.

If you are looking for a feminine look with a neutral undertone, a dusty pink is this year’s go to colour! And we understand why. A lasting trend for 2017, it works particularly well when paired with green, grey, white, brass and more. We’re loving these contemporary pink tiles with brass accents. (Image: Ideal Home)


Following the dusty pink trend, green is another go to colour for 2017, we love the effect of green in the bathroom, a colour of growth, balance and harmony that appears to be here to stay. Use a gloss finish and brass metallic to create maximum reflections, a great choice for small spaces. (Image: Archiportale)


As seasons change, and we head towards winter, we tend to lean more towards deep, cosy tones, such as this ink green. Used across all walls in a gloss finish for a bold, moody impact. When paired with natural materials and neutral tones, green has the quality to provide elegance. We’re loving this look for winter. (Image: Exclusive Tiles)


A change in season will often bring out some of our favourite colour combinations, that have that classic quality to keep re-inventing itself, a bit like the lovely teal and copper combination. (Image: Lushome) Copper bath: Catchpole & Rye )


Now if you are limited for light, it can be quite difficult do the space much justice with bright colours and sometimes you’ll get much better results if you embrace the dark side and go super dark on the walls. There are other ways to lift the space, such as a bold tiled floor and a metallic pop! We’re loving this black and copper bath, it’s the perfect winter bathroom treat! Imagine a candle lit space and a well-deserved soak. (Image: No Glitter No Glory)


The bathroom is the ideal room in the house to be experimental and try something you have never tried before, introducing colours you wouldn’t normally consider. As seasons change we have the desire to make changes in our home, what colour trend will you adopt this winter? Will you try a completely new colour combination? Maybe this deep red will inspire you in a new direction.

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