Does your bathroom look more like a storage room than a harmonious oasis? Then it’s time to get out and clean up. Away from abounding cabinets and ever-expanding collection of toys! This quick, seven-step cleanup list helps you regain your bathroom territory – in a hurry!



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Lots Of Towels In Bulk


Faded and washed bath towels, which have long lived their heyday, occupy much valuable space in the bathroom. So just try to look around and make sure there is just the right number of towels for each family member plus a set of guest towels. Throw in the old towels in the garage or garden shed where they can be used for everyday purposes, or convert them into pet bedding.





Children’s Bathing Animals


A busy family bathroom is hard to keep tidy – especially when bathing time is always negotiable with the little ones. However, if your bathing area is floating with rubber ducks, it is nevertheless an idea to limit the toy to a certain number at a time. A small box or drawer keeps the rows in order, and anything that is not fit or not currently a hit can live somewhere else in the house.





Miniature Toiletries


Small travel bottles, samples, and hotel soaps are tempting to scrape together and drag home, but they can flood the bathroom with lightning speed. Furthermore, the large amount of plastic involved in the production of miniature products is unnecessary environmental waste. A single set of refillable travel containers is helpful; everything else is just a mess. So if you also have a collection of miniature soaps, it’s time to cut back.





Cleaning Detergents



If the cupboard under your sink is dusty with detergents and rags, it might be an idea to re-shave to save some space. While it may be smart to have a few everyday products at hand, such as universal cleaning or toilet cleaning, most things can be stored in a cleaning cabinet somewhere else in the home and brought out to the bathroom if needed. That way you avoid having two sets of cleaning products that fill the cabinets.





Old Makeup


Bubbling your bathroom drawer of lipsticks, powders, liners and makeup brushes of indeterminate age, take the time to revise the contents and get rid of the stuff that’s been lying around and dusting for too long. Not only do the products take up valuable storage space, but old makeup can also collect bacteria. Need a quick rule of thumb? If you don’t remember the last time you used it, you should throw it out. The humid bathroom environment is also an ideal place to store makeup at all. So if you have a dressing table or other small table in the bedroom, this might be a better place to house your newly scaled-down makeup collection.





Too Many Packages And Products



Do you have shelves of half-used products, duplicates, and extra shampoo bottles? Take a serious look at your cabinet and ask yourself if you really need it all or whether the contents of the bottles are most likely to get too old before you use it. Switching to products with minimal packaging and resisting the urge to build a warehouse will not only reduce bathroom mess but also your CO2 emissions. Get started to use solid shampoo bars instead of plastic shampoo bottles.





Expired Medicine



A first aid kit is essential in every household and is often stored in the bathroom – but do you even know what’s in it? And more importantly; has any of it expired? Take a look in your medicine cabinet or medicine box and throw away things that have been open for a long time. Also, check the expiry date on the entire mole white. Old medicines are then safely disposed of, and the rest is stored at an altitude where it is out of reach for curious children. Ideally, the house medicine should be locked off.