With technology constantly evolving and companies adapting their products to ensure the latest features are available to their buyers, you are often faced with a several brands producing similar appliances with slight differences. Today we are looking at how the boiling water tap has evolved, giving you a heads up on the different brands which have incorporated this clever feature in their designs.

No only is Quooker taps is the only product on the market to offer 100 degrees of boiling water but they also offer great flexibility in that you can choose between a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or the Quooker Flex or Fusion which is a single tap for hot, cold, cold filtered and boiling water. Available in eight tap designs and three finishes this is a great tap with a child safety mechanism. For more info on the Quooker tap, click here.


Available in two styles and five finishes, Prontaeu taps deliver 98 degrees of filtered steaming water, on demand, whenever you need it. The filter ensures bad tastes are removed and softer water becomes available. Your everyday hot and cold water is also available.


Prontaeu boiling water tap come in five finishes. Visit their website here: Prontaeu to find out more.


Grohe Red is the latest kettle hot water (99 degrees) straight from the tap, providing a safe and instant way to access boiling water. The beautiful and reliable system from Grohe system keeps three litres of filtered, kettle hot water ready for immediate use.


The Grohe Red has a twostep child safe touch activation and comes in four timeless and elegant options. Find out more here: Grohe.


For filtered water the way you enjoy it best, the Hydrotap Range from zip water have you covered, with designer finishes and styles, as well as options including boiling, chilled and sparkling, filtered or combined hot and cold. They have catered for use in every space, from a small home to large offices. The sparkling water option, means this tap will stand out from the rest.


Zip’s instant boiling water means you’ll never have to wait by the kettle again. Find out more here: Zip Water.


If you are interested in keeping your kitchen sides clutter free, the boiling water tap is a great alternative as a replacement of your kettle. For help in creating a bespoke kitchen to fit your new boiling water tap, please contact Amberth on 020 7354 8958 of click here to fill out a contact form. We can help you bring your ideas to life. To find out what other innovative appliances are on the market, you might find our blog post on Innovative Kitchen Products you should know about, an interesting read.


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