A compact kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your culinary dreams. It’s simply a call to be creative. With a dash of ingenuity and a sprinkle of smart storage solutions, even the tiniest kitchen can become a haven of efficiency and pleasure.

So, grab your measuring tape and roll up your sleeves. Because we’re about to share our smart storage solutions and help you conquer the kitchen crunch.


Go Vertical


Photo Credit: deVol


Vertical spaces are prime real estate in small kitchens. They offer you a place to store items without using up precious floor space.

Make the most of your vertical space with:


Hanging pot racks: Not only are these practical, but they can be beautiful, too. Install them over your sink, kitchen island, or stove top. Invest in high-end, beautiful cookware to maintain an appealing display.

Floating shelves: Ditch bulky cupboards and embrace sleek shelves above counters or windows. Store frequently used items within reach, displaying decorative pieces for a touch of personality.

Folding wall-mounted tables: Convert your blank wall into a fold-away dining area or additional prep space with this ingenious hack. Perfect for maximising functionality in a compact kitchen.


Think Inside the Box (and Cabinet):


Photo Credit: Amberth, Sandbrook Road Project, London


Cabinets are an essential element of every kitchen. But they need a bit of creativity to live into their full potential.

Use every inch of your storage space with:


Integrated prep bar: A stylish way to keep your counters clear. Conceal countertop appliances in customised mini pantries, like the one Amberth created in our Sandbrook project. Maintaining easy access, without the busyness of displaying multiple appliances.

Dividers and organisers: Tame cluttered drawers and cabinets by giving your items their own compartments. Invest in drawer dividers, utensil caddies, and spice racks to give every item a home.

Personalised storage solutions: There’s no need to suffer in silence with awkward cabinet designs. Tailor your cabinets to your unique needs with removable inserts, spice racks, or utensil holders that fit perfectly within.


Get Creative with Corners


Photo Credit: The Spruce


No nook or cranny is too small for clever storage. With a bit of smart design, your awkward corners can become the spice of your space.

Make your corners work for you with:


Corner shelves: Utilise those hard-to-reach corners with corner shelves. They provide ample storage without imposing on your layout.

Pull-out shelves: The best friend of awkward corner spaces, pull-out shelves allow you to use every inch of your cupboard. No more reaching into the abyss – everything will be conveniently at your fingertips.

Lazy Susans: Make the most of deep cabinets with this turn-style solution. A simple swivel brings everything to the front, and a variety of sizes can be used for pots, dry foods, or even tupperware.


Invest In Multi-Purpose Furniture


Photo Credit: Atelier Chang


It’s easy to see why this trend is growing in popularity. With our modern lives calling for multi-functional spaces, it only makes sense that our furniture join the dance, too.

Make every piece of furniture work double duty with:


Rotating dinette islands: These nifty islands are the peak of culinary innovation. With a dining table that easily slides out, you’ve got a countertop by day, and table by night.

Pocket doors: Sleek aesthetics are important contributors to making a space feel larger. Hide appliances like ovens or dishwashers behind stylish pocket doors. Maintaining a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

Integrated Appliances: venture into the world of cutting-edge kitchen technology. Opt for integrated cooktops that are installed directly into your countertop. Take it a step further with smart home systems that can make your appliances disappear from view with the touch of a button.


A compact kitchen doesn’t have to cramp your style. They present an invitation to be an architect in your space. A conductor of efficient movement. And a maestro of culinary delight. With these clever solutions, your small kitchen can be a symphony of functionality and style, ready to play host to countless happy memories.


Small Spaces Hold Big Possibilities.


At Amberth, we’re experts in crafting culinary dreamscapes. No matter the square footage. Let’s collaborate, build, and turn your compact kitchen into the heart of your home.

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