Small recesses or an awkward corner can be challenging areas to re-design. It is best to use such spaces with a clever approach to design in order to transform them into a highly functional area that can become a defining feature of a room. Working with bespoke requirements, we often face space challenges and it is our job to design creative design solutions. Some spaces naturally suggest ways of using them and today we are sharing a selection of spaces that have created beautiful, unique areas that embrace window alcoves as comfortable seating areas.





A large window with a lovely view can either focus entirely on the lovely view or can also become a smart addition to a room and the overall scheme. This large window area has incorporated cosy seating and lends itself to the space, enhancing the library area.

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The right amount of seating is key to achieving the right ambiance in a living space, what’s more, important is the variety of different seating. Maybe you have an open plan kitchen diner and your space could do with a chill-out area, this is where a bespoke seating area would come in handy. This sofa looks like the perfect space to settle down with a book at the end of a long day!






When a space naturally encourages a place to sit or perch, add a few cushions and use accordingly. This deep recessed window lends itself perfectly to exactly that!






If you ever struggle with an awkward corner and feel you could benefit from extra seating then you can’t go wrong with a cozy seating area complete with cushions, lighting, and plants. It can instantly enhance a room and create an interesting, functioning space that the whole family will enjoy.



To ensure you are using your space to its full potential or to create your very own window seat, get in touch here: Amberth, we would be happy to assist you. Or if you are in the area, then please come and say hi, there is always someone on hand to help.