Sleek and stylish. The contemporary bathroom is a perfect blend of simple form and high-performing functionality. Monochrome colour schemes, bold curves and angular designs characterise these modern spaces. In order to transform your bathroom into a modern space make sure to utilise geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colours and mid-century furniture.




Modern showers seamlessly combine innovation and good looks to offer something that’s functional and attractive.You’ll find plenty of choices when it comes to the electric, mixer and digital showers with cool contemporary styling. Opt for modern finishes on electric and digital shower units. We love brushed stainless-steel effect or frosted glass and chrome-effect showerheads and fittings. For a super-sleek minimalist look, choose a built-in thermostatic mixer shower. It conceals all the pipework and fittings, apart from your shower head and mixer control behind your shower wall. Not only does this option look great, but it also makes cleaning a breeze.



Shower trays have come a long way from the clunky white models of the past, and today there’s a number of options that can simply disappear into the background of your room, or become a central feature of the room’s design, like this Iroko solid wood platform and shower wall!





Photo: Amberth






Floor tiles remain a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms, and as with wall tiles in this space – bigger is better. Large size ceramic and porcelain tiles in dramatic dark colours, with high-gloss or matt finishes, will look sleek and sophisticated. Highly polished tiles can also look good, helping to bounce light around your room. For a seamless finish, try wall and floor tiles that can be used on both surfaces – this will help tie the room together for a super-sleek contemporary look.



contemporary bathroom design



Image Credit: David Giles

Interior designed by: Amberth







Modern basins break away from traditional detailed shapes. Go bold with strong curves, sharp angles and clean lines. Wall-hung basins are a staple in contemporary bath and shower rooms. They offer function without compromising on style. Adding a vanity unit brings a streamlined look and minimalistic feel to your bathroom. A wall-hung vanity helps to make a room feel spacious and is an easy way to hide your everyday essentials. Opt for a high-gloss finish in white, or go dramatic with the darker greys. Add a recessed basin that will blend in seamlessly with the vanity unit. Or choose a striking countertop option that’ll free up more room for storage underneath.



Once you’ve found the right basin, pair it with the right tap. A monobloc mixer tap is a great addition to a contemporary bathroom. Pick a curved or angular design to mirror the shape of your basin. Why not add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with a stylish waterfall tap? Delivering water in a beautiful cascade for a spa-like experience.




contemporary bathroom design




Photo Credit: Boco Do Lobo



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