As the nights grow shorter and the air cools, there’s an undeniable yearning for the embrace of a warm interior. Your living room is the perfect canvas to add some autumn comfort. And we’re here to inspire you. We’ve curated a collection of luxurious, inviting interiors to serve as your muse. So you can celebrate this season in style. And turn your home into a snug retreat.


Inspired By Nature.  

Autumn’s allure lies in the richness of its colors. As the chilly air lingers outside, you can wrap your home in a comfy ambience with the earthy tones of fall. Draw inspiration from nature’s colour palette and use shades like burnt orange, deep red, and soft browns.


Photo credit: Graham & Brown


Graham & Brown offers exquisite wallpaper designs that perfectly capture the rustic charm of autumn. Known for their innovative, high-quality materials, you’re sure to find a design that evokes the essence of this season all year round. Complement a feature wall with minimalist decor and earthy tones. Seamlessly adding depth to your design.


Making Spacious Feel Cosy.

Spacious living rooms have their perks in summer. They’re ideal for entertainment, and easy airflow keeps your rooms cool. But in the cooler months, they need a welcoming glow.


Photo credit: One Kindesign


If you have a large room, bringing a touch of variation can bronze up the atmosphere. Add luxurious materials to introduce tactile variety. And use natural-looking textures to bring all the elements together. Move your furniture closer to heighten a sense of homeliness.


Be Bold. Be Vibrant. Be Warm.

You don’t need to raise your thermostat to make your house feel warm. Instead, introduce vibrant colours to infuse warmth into your living space.


Photo credit: House of Hackney


Pile up your vibrantly coloured cushions. And infuse bold hues to enliven your space. For a striking contrast, consider pairing royal blue with a spiced pumpkin-orange, as  you see in this inspiration from House Beautiful.


A Touch of Autumnal Texture.

Rugged bark. Smooth conkers. Crunchy leaves. This season is rich in texture. Making it easy to transform your living space with autumn-inspired décor.


Photo credit: Grace in my space


Contrasting soft, velvety fabrics with earthy elements creates balance. And the smoothness of wood beautifully compliments rougher, neutral toned features.


Warm Up Your Cool Grey Shades.

Grey is a popular choice in home decor. But it can cast a cool aura which might not suit the autumn months. And yet, transforming a grey-dominated area into a restful, snug room is easier than you think. You only need to introduce lavish fabrics, inviting textures, and warm light.


Photo credit: Farrow And Ball


This contemporary living space from Farrow And Ball boasts shades of grey. Yet the addition of plush cushions, faux fur, and warm lamps effortlessly infuse a much-needed warmth. For a more subtle touch of autumn, swap your lightweight summer throws for thick blankets. And add a few candles to enhance your atmosphere.


Accessorise For Autumn’s Embrace.

I’m sure you’ve noticed our secret: accessories. Cushions, throws, rugs, wall art, lighting, ornaments – decor can shift the mood of any given space. All without having to pull out the paint roller.


Photo credit: Momooze


There is sure to be an abundance of season-inspired décor available in every home store you visit. So you can spice up your space. While keeping it authentic to your taste.


Experience The Magic Of Autumn In Your Home.

Add warm hues, diverse textures, and the right accessories for a touch of autumnal magic to your living room. Embrace the change of season with open arms. And enjoy the process of elevating your living room for the autumn season with our design inspiration.


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