No matter the size, crafting the perfect bathroom is an art. Imagine a space that effortlessly merges practicality with your discerned style. Where every feature is a reflection of your taste. And tailored to your lifestyle.

It might sound like a dream; but it can be your reality. In this blog, we explore the key elements and top tips for designing the perfect bathroom. Let’s dive right in.


Layout: Optimise Space and Flow


Photo Credit: Amberth, De Beauvoir Project


Whether you’re starting fresh or remodelling, prioritising a functional layout is key. Consider your needs over the years – think spacious for future family additions. Or accessible for later stages of life.

Look for ways to optimise the natural flow of movement, minimising corners and blind spots.

Don’t be shy about welcoming in light; mirrored surfaces and strategically placed windows can work wonders for brightening up even the smallest space. Incorporate transparent elements like glass shower walls to boost that open feel.


Appliances: Enhance Beauty And Placement


Photo Credit: Catchpole & Rye


Stage your personal sanctuary with signature appliances and fixtures that reflect your distinct style. And compliment the overall feel you desire. A bronze freestanding tub like the one above, is a sculptural centerpiece for an industrial-inspired haven. And walk-in showers offer an expansive embrace for more modern style bathrooms.

Light plays a starring role in bathrooms, too. Brighten your space with smart mirrors and adjustable LED lighting, offering a little more luxury to your daily routine.

Lastly, let’s not forget the element of sustainable living. Water-saving fixtures, low-flow toilets, and energy-efficient appliances are not only kinder to the planet, but your wallet, too.


Explore Modern Flooring Materials


Photo Credit: Amberth, Duffield Road Project

Flooring makes or breaks the overall feel of a space. It also plays a big role in functionality. If you want low maintenance flooring, large-format porcelain tiles are easy to clean, with minimal grout lines. And luxury vinyl tiles mimic the beauty of wood without the maintenance.
If safety is your priority, consider textured surfaces or look for tiles with high slip resistance. Embrace natural stone, wood-looking tiles, and recycled materials for an earthy touch.


Our top tip this month would be to infuse warmth. Use warm tones, textured rugs, and underfloor heating for that cozy and inviting ambiance.


Custom Storage Solutions


Photo Credit: Ideal Homes


To maximise space, minimise clutter. Prioritise hidden storage, built-in solutions, and wall-mounted shelves for a clutter-free bathroom. Go vertical with tall cabinets, multi-functional furniture, and wall-mounted units to make the most of your space.

An easy way to elevate your storage game is with organisers, baskets, and drawer dividers. Giving everything a place and making items easily accessible.


Transforming your bathroom isn’t just about upgrading a room; it’s about crafting a sanctuary of indulgence and functionality. From the seamless symphony of layout to the luxurious whispers of high-tech touches, every detail whispers your story.

By adding these elements to your bathroom, you can step into the warmth of sustainable materials, bask in the glow of thoughtfully placed lighting, and let your personality dance across every textured tile.


Embrace The Art of Living.


With Amberth, your bathroom becomes a testament to your exquisite taste. A haven where every detail echoes comfort, beauty, and well-being.

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