Luxury designs aren’t just about the look. They’re also about the feel.

And texture plays a crucial role in this. Their tactile, visual variations can truly transform a kitchen. Adding depth and a unique aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we share our expertise on how to use textures to create the space you envision.


Domus Tiles


Creating an Immersive Experience

Textures evoke emotions. They shape the experience of your space. Often, textures are what differentiates a luxury kitchen. Smooth, glossy finishes convey modern sophistication. While more defined surfaces bring a sense of warmth and richness. The interplay of textures makes your home an immersive experience, inviting you to touch and feel the essence of luxury. Before you decide which textures to add to your kitchen, it’s important to think about how you want the space to feel when you use it.


Colefax & Fowler


Artistry in Materials

Companies like Arte, Domus tiles, Orac Décor, and Colefax & Fowler  truly embody this artistry. Arte, known for its exquisite wall coverings, marries luxury and texture seamlessly. Domus tiles use materials like marble and porcelain to tell stories of elegance. Orac Décor specialises in ornamental designs that add architectural finesse. Colefax & Fowler fabrics bring texture to life through softness and patterns, enveloping spaces in comfort and style.


Take inspiration from them and explore the use of these elements in your own space!


Orac Decor


Personalising Luxury Spaces

In the realm of luxury kitchen designs, textures are used for more than just finishes. They add character. And contribute towards creating a personalised ambience. Your space is an expression of your personality. And with the right textures, you can make it feel distinctly yours.

So, whether you’re drawn to the refined textures offered by Arte, the elegant tiles by Domus, the ornamental touches by Orac Décor, or the fabric opulence of Colefax & Fowler, adding texture to your kitchen is a decision that will truly elevate your space.


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