Your kitchen: a place for cherished memories, not just meal preparation. At Amberth, we go beyond building kitchens. We bring your dreams to life.

Blending functionality and design is our forte. Tailor-made elegance is our expertise.  And we bring it home every time.

In this video, you get to see our meticulous work firsthand. Crafted with care. From scratch. By us.

For this client, the dream was a sleek, modern kitchen with an essence of natural materials. We gave them all this, without sacrificing storage space.

The result? Let this video speak for itself.


At Amberth we create living spaces that feel distinctly you. With the practicality you deserve. And the luxury you envision. We take care of every detail; from concept, to craft, to the last door knob.

Loving the double-oven and hob? Take a look at the finest vented hobs available today. Craving a clutter-free kitchen? Discover clever ways to maximise storage space.

Need a little inspiration? Take our quiz and receive a custom Pinterest board filled with design ideas.

Your kitchen. Your voice. Our form of art.

Nothing excites us more than hearing your vision, and turning it into a reality. We’re here because of you.

Get in touch to explore the world of bespoke design. Let’s embark on this creative journey together.