Imagine a haven filled with love, laughter, and creativity; where your children feel safe and excited to play in. Children’s surroundings play a pivotal role in shaping their world. And creating a nurturing, warm environment that speaks to their character matters to them as much as it does to you.


If you’re dreaming up your child’s ideal bedroom, we’ve collated top design tips to help you craft a space that meets their needs and resonates with who they are.  


Pick A Theme For Personal Expression 

Photo: Amberth 



No two children are alike, so when you create a space that speaks to them, it welcomes a sense of acceptance and comfort. Making your children feel at home. Just as they are.  


Take cues from their passions and interests and let this inspire their style. Have fun with it; invite your child to create a mood board with you, displaying their dreams and wishes.  



Be Playful With Colours And Features 



Photo: Louise Holt Design 

We know your child’s style grows and changes as quickly as they do; and making use of the items you already have can help you keep up with this. Reupholster old furniture and give the walls a fresh paint for a quick makeover. Make use of wall stencils to add a bit of character, and compliment it with throw pillows.  

For a space that truly encourages play and imagination, integrate bespoke features like above by Louise Holt Design. 


Make A Space For Creativity  



Photo: Ideal Homes 


Want to make their space truly feel like theirs? Give their artwork a place on their bedroom walls. This sentimental touch brings a homely feel whilst adding a vibrant burst of color. Your child will beam with pride when they see their creations showcased as a personal gallery.  




Room To Grow: Functional Spaces  


Photo: Meblik

Smart storage is a timeless feature. That’s why multi-functional furniture is a winning addition for any bedroom. Consider beds with storage units to keep items accessible. And make use of dividers, baskets, and wall organisers to help your kids keep their belongings in order. This way they can have an efficient, personality-packed space.  



Giving your child a space they love can be an enjoyable project. But having a plan in place is key to keeping it stress-free. By applying these ideas, you’ll be one step closer to creating a space that embraces their personality. Ignites expression. And fosters comfort.


Personality Is Priceless. 

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