If your living space isn’t a guest ready dining room, your get-together could transform into a slightly awkward occasion as soon as the party moves to the living room. Because summer is the perfect time to bring everyone together, you should be equipped to host summer parties in style! Here are a few of our top tips to ensure your living room is guest-ready.




Create the perfect mood lighting. If there is poor lighting in your living space, whether top dark or too light, it can cause an instant mood killer at any gathering. We suggest layering different types of lighting, you can do this by bringing in lamps at alternate heights, lighting some candles around the room and dimming your overhead lights. This will make the perfect combination of keeping your guests comfortable and ensuring the room is light enough for everyone to see.





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Arrange your furniture in a way that is sociable and allows group conversations. You want your gathering to feel natural with a smooth, flowing conversation. Ensure the chairs are at the same height for guests to see each other at eye-level.





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Decorate For Comfort

Keeping the room fresh, comfortable and easy on the eye is simple to achieve with some fresh flowers and scented candles. If you have a fireplace, plan on keeping the fire roaring all night for that rustic charm feel.





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A sense of entry

Keep the entry clutter-free so your guests walk into the room and feel a sense of space. If you have a path leading down your living room, it is fabulous for entertaining.





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Introduce Nature

Bring the outdoors, in! Give everyone that summer feeling with some well-placed plants and trees. Open the windows and doors to keep your living space light and airy.





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Space For Drinks

Keep in mind that your guests may want to place their food or drinks down so ensure you have plenty of tables dotted around. Built-in home bars offer endless opportunities for both entertaining guests and relaxing on your own after a long week. Often featuring ample bar seating and shelving for all your favorite liquors, these home bars prove that staying in can be just as luxurious as going out.





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