The nights are drawing in, the weather’s getting chilly, and we’re all looking forward to cosy nights in. And where better to spend those nights than in a warm and inviting living room. A place where you can curl up all snug… lounging, relaxing or napping.


Luckily, ramping up the comfort levels on your Autumn décor to create a cosy living room is super simple. We’ve pulled together some examples of wonderfully welcoming spaces to give you some living room inspiration for this autumn.


Fill it with warm colours


The thing we love most about autumn is the beautiful warm colours we find in nature. And we love bringing those colours indoors. After all, it’s not autumn without warm colours and cosy textures. So, when it’s cold outside, make it warm and inviting inside by adding colours such as orange and brown.


Photo credit: Happy Happy Nester


We love this cosy living room design. The neutral colours of the walls make the room look bright and airy, while the soft pink sofa, plump orange and brown cushions, and blood orange throw, instantly add warmth. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book in this space?



Make a spacious space cosy


Spacious living rooms are great if you’ve got a big family or love to entertain, and they’re lovely in the summer when you want to feel cool. But during the colder months, a big living room can sometimes feel a little uninviting, so dialing up the warmth is a must.


Photo credit: Modsy


This spacious living room with its white walls could easily feel stark in the autumn. But warmth has been injected into the space by adding various sumptuous materials and natural textures:  plush soft pillows on the sofa, a big, faux fur floor pillow and a wooden table. This is a space that shouts cosiness.



Ramp up the heat


We’re not talking about turning up the thermostat on your heating here. Instead, you can really ramp up the feeling of warmth in your living room by adding hot colours like pinks and reds.


Photo credit: One Kindesign


This living room looks super inviting with its creamy walls, piled up squishy cushions in pink and gold, a patterned rug with warm red tones and the autumn colours in the wall art and lampshades. And the furniture, placed closely together, shouts cosiness. This space is perfect for relaxing on your own or for a friendly evening in with friends or family.



Add different textures


Warm colours aren’t the only thing we find in nature during autumn. It’s also full of different textures… crunchy leaves, smooth glossy conkers, rough bark and scaly pine cones. And it’s these textures, combined with autumn colours, that make autumn feel deliciously warm, despite the cooler temperatures. So, we love bringing these natural elements indoors too.


Photo credit: Grace in my space


We love this living room design, with its soft velvety cushions and textured throws. This is another bright and airy, neutral coloured room. The rough texture and straw colours of the wicker ottoman and plant pot, the touches of smooth wood in the chair and table, and the warm browns of the jars on the shelving unit warm the room up nicely.



Warm up cool colours


Grey is a popular colour for home décor, but if you’re not careful, it can easily make a room feel rather cold… which isn’t ideal in the autumn months. However, you can easily warm up a grey room simply by adding soft fabrics and textures.



Photo credit: House Beautiful


This modern living room has an abundance of grey… on the walls, the sofa, the floor and even the lamp. But the addition of soft squishy cushions, a couple of fleecy throws and a woollen rug… even though they are also mainly grey…  adds warmth to the room. And of course, the bonus here is the real log fire.



Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise


Photo credit: Your Home and Garden


You’ve probably noticed that the common theme in all our autumn décor examples is accessories… cushions, throws, rugs, wall art, lighting and ornaments. That’s because using accessories is the simplest way to change your home décor. They’re easy to add in and then take away or change if you want to refresh your décor each season.


So, to sum it all up, when it comes to accessorising for autumn, go for warm colours and interesting textures. And the more soft fabrics you can add, the better!


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