It is sometimes the small changes you make to your home that will have the biggest impact. Focus on the details, with attention on the materials and the impact those changes will have on the overall style of your home. Today we look at how to revamp your staircase and clever design decisions to consider.


BEFORE: Focusing on the decorative details of the old balustrade, we updated the style, creating a brand-new rail for this entrance hall. We considered the overall look of the home, a contemporary space that would welcome an overall eclectic style with our client’s personal taste. We had to consider how the staircase would look against other details of this open-plan space and used contrasting wood.


AFTER: Using white washed, soft wood we replaced a traditional balustrade to match the flooring. We designed and installed built-in storage beneath the stairs, with push to open doors, adding a contemporary touch.


To maintain a connection with other rooms in this house and retain a fluent style, we stained and varnished the stairs with a darker more stylish colour, bouncing off the steel windows visibly in sight. We replaced the flooring and have used a similar tone for the balustrade.


Restyled 1960’s Oxford home

The transformation is vast! for a closer look at the entire renovation, click here: Houzz, and If you’re thinking of updating your staircase, it’s a good idea to seek professional advice. For more information about Amberth and the services we provide, please feel free to contact us here: Amberth.