Pastel colours never really go out of fashion, but they’re particularly on-trend for interiors right now. And

it’s not surprising they’re so popular. There’s something about being surrounded by pastel shades that

give us an instant lift. Evoking feelings of spring and sunshine. Making rooms feel light and cheery.


A pastel shade can be any colour that’s heavily tinted with white. Think dusky pink, soft yellow, pale lilac,

creamy peach, dove grey and, of course, baby blue.


And it’s their light shades that make them so versatile. You can mix different pastel colours within the

same space or combine them with non-pastel colours.


They’re not just for babies’ bedrooms either. Pastel colours work well in any room of your home. And

they always create a soft, fresh feel and calming interior.


Here are three ways you can work pastel colours into your home.


Pastel walls


If you’d love to go big on colour but are nervous about going with anything too bold, pastels are perfect.

They add colour subtly, even if they’re used to paint the whole room.


And when you contrast them with white woodwork, such as window frames, doors, architrave, skirting

and coving, the room looks clean and fresh.



Photo credit: Amberth, Buckingham Road


This living room we designed in Buckingham Road London, has soft mint green walls. The colour is complemented by the light shades of the furniture and accessories. And the wood tones of the floor and armchair add texture and warmth.

The result is a beautifully calming, light and airy living room.


Splashes of pastel colour


If you’re not quite sure about going all out with pastels on the walls, add splashes of colour instead. Just a few pops of pastel shades here and there can be enough to get the full pastel effect.

Keep your walls neutral and add pastel items such as a piece of furniture, lampshades, cushions, curtains, throws or wall art. You can stick to a single shade, use varying shades of the same colour or completely mix it up.



Photo credit: Bocadolobo  


We love this room by Bocadolobo. Varying soft tones of blue are layered against a white backdrop. Soft greys and a hint of peach in the sofa and wall art complete the minimalist look to create a fresh and calming atmosphere.


Pastel kitchen cabinets


Yes, pastels work in the kitchen too!



Photo credit: David Giles for Amberth 


In this kitchen in Cannonbury Place, London we went all out on making a statement by fitting soft pistachio green cabinets. They look fantastic against the creamy tones of the walls and worktop. And although the kitchen is very modern and sleek, the pistachio green gives it a retro 50s twist.

If wall to floor pastel cabinets feels like too much for you, go for a more subtle look by mixing pastel base cabinets with white wall cabinets, or vice versa.

Or, forget the cabinets and add some pastel appliances instead. A fridge-freezer, toaster, kettle, food mixer or coffee machine in pastel tones will liven up a contemporary kitchen beautifully.


For help in creating a pastel colour palette for your home, contact Amberth and talk to a member of our team.