As the summer ends and the nights draw in, we’re turning our attention to the autumn months ahead. We love seeing the beautiful autumn colours appearing outdoors. And as well as reminding us that pumpkin spice lattes will be in all the coffee shops now, the warm colours spark plenty of ideas for seasonal interiors.


We all want our homes to feel cosy and snug at this time of year. And one way of achieving that feeling is by adding warm colours to the décor. This year we’re loving the colour burgundy. It’s a deep, dark red inspired by wine made in the Burgundy region of France.


Burgundy is an intense colour, so using it too much could be a little overbearing. But by adding a few carefully planned touches of burgundy here are there, you can transform a room into a warm and cosy space.


Here are four easy and subtle ways to add burgundy to your autumn home décor.


Add burgundy furniture


Photo Credit: Finally Home Furnishings


Adding a large piece of burgundy furniture, such as a sofa or armchair, against a neutral background can make a significant impact on the feel of your room.


Burgundy works beautifully with shades of grey, such as light grey or charcoal, as you can see in this image. The grey walls allow the room to remain bright and airy, while the burgundy sofa bed, made with sumptuous plush velvet fabric, adds instant warmth.


Add burgundy accessories


Photo credit: Wayfair


Changing or adding accessories is one of the easiest ways to incorporate burgundy into a room.


Swap your brightly coloured summer cushions for deep burgundy ones instead. Drape throws over sofas or hang burgundy curtains. In your bedroom, replace light coloured sheets with squishy burgundy duvets to make the room feel inviting.


And you don’t have to stick to fabrics. You can add burgundy light fixtures, wall art, and even books with a burgundy cover. But don’t go overboard. Just a few hints of burgundy here and there will be enough to bring that autumn feel to your room.


Add burgundy candles


Photo Credit: Tablecloths Factory


Now, who doesn’t love that magical feeling you get when you burn candles. Especially in the autumn when you can close the dark and cold out and get all snug and cosy inside.


Adding candles is such a simple way to incorporate burgundy into a room. We love these elegant glass tealight holders that are burgundy on the outside and have a golden metallic finish on the inside.

There are plenty of other choices for burgundy candles too. Look for burgundy candle holders or get candles that are burgundy. And you can place them alone or in little groups.


Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that burgundy candles will bring a romantic ambiance to any room.


Paint an burgundy accent wall


Burgundy Wall
Photo credit: Room Design


We’re big fans of accent walls because they allow you to bring bold and daring colours into your home without overpowering the whole room. So, what better way to bring burgundy into your home this autumn season than to paint it on an accent wall.


We love this living room design. Cream is a perfect colour to complement burgundy. In this room, it’s used on the walls and sofas, helping to tone down the dark accent wall. The room still feels light and spacious, yet the burgundy wall makes a statement and adds that welcome touch of warmth.



If you love these seasonal interiors and would like help introducing them into your home, contact Amberth and talk to a member of our team.