As a bespoke Interior Design company, we deliver special requests for our clients, therefore, we are always on the look for new products to accommodate different requirements. Today we have compiled a selection of the latest innovative kitchen products, all of which have been made to enhance the style or function of a space.


Maintaining a tidy worktop, free of chunky kitchen appliances would be a dream for many. The Quooker flex tap is not only a great boiling-water/mixer tap in one, but it also has a flexible pull out hose for more reach and extra functionality.


The fresh design features a round spout and two finishes, chrome, and stainless steel.


Boiling water tap and mixer in one, the Quooker Flex is sleek, useful, and childproof.


With a promise to design a scheme to fit your space, we are constantly sourcing new, distinctive products. The American style fridge freezer, by Fisher & paykel is a cool design, that although free-standing, it can sit flush with the rest of your cabinets as it only requires a 4mm ventilation gap. Change the doors to create a flush look with the rest of the cabinets.


For those wanting to make a statement with the latest technology, the Promteau 3 in one kitchen taps provides flexibility to introduce a unique touch to your kitchen. Available in two styles and 5 finishes, they provide boiling hot water in style.


Image result for siemens steam ovens

The new Siemens steam oven microwaves is another design for those wanting to to achieve a minimal look in their kitchen. The pulse steam function makes it easier to get dishes to turn out just right.


For a look that is sure to stand out in your kitchen, choose Mirror by Design a mirrored splash-back design. The toughened mirror comes in a whole selection of finishes, from vintage, heavy peppered and the option to have designs etched int ot it.


With Neolith being one of our most popular tiles, we are always happy to see new colours come in. Their latest range for 2017 includes this statement tile Zaha Stone which we are looking forward to using.

Would you like to see how we can incorporate innovative products in your kitchen or bathroom? If so, contact us today on 020354898 or lick here to fill out a contact form and member of our team will be in touch soon.