Gone are the days that a bathroom decoration only follows a standard look; it is time to understand innovative ways to use bathroom tiles. With tons of creative ways to create a design statement at home, installing bathroom tiles is a versatile bathroom trend that comes in a wide-range spectrum of designs from simple to contemporary, worthy for a homeowner to explore. Tiles don’t just add beauty and character in the bathroom, but also make maintenance effortless. They’re not only appealing but also practical. Investing in a tiled bathroom that will not easily stain or mould is a smart move, considering the stress and cost of possible renovation if things go wrong.



Create a unique and eye-catching bathroom design by using bathroom tiles in various creative applications. Unleash your inner artist, and make your bathroom a haven for aesthetics and performance.



Hexagonal Tiles



By breaking away from the traditional format of brick or squares for bathroom tiles, the hexagonal tiles are unique addition whether for bathroom walls or floor. Turn your typical mundane bathroom into a geometrically decorated toilet. This vintage look is now a hot trend and worthy of admiration due to its simplicity yet versatility in complementing with any design. With a wide variety of colours, sizes and textures to choose from for tiles, achieving an elegant, luxurious or minimalist design can be seamless.



You can opt for monochromatic design by simply adding white, grey or black to a base tone, achieving a timeless look and adding depth to the overall design. A mix and match of coloured hexagonal tiles can bring out a stunning and exciting space that exudes a sophisticated look and feel. If you’re up for coordinating colours, choosing colourful and vivid hexagonal tiles for your bathroom can be a good project for you. With these tiles, creating an accent wall would be a piece of cake.





Image Credit: Amberth



Large Tiles



Creating a unified look in the bathroom is straightforward when you install one large tile from floor to wall. One large tile creates an illusion of a larger space, an excellent trick for space-deprived bathroom. It needs fewer grouts, resulting in a painless cleanup. You can achieve dramatic and luxurious ambience by choosing dark-coloured tiles for walls and floor. You may use of contrasting materials like white grout on dark-coloured tiles to create harmony and balance. You can also achieve an open and flowing mood in your bathroom using one large tile. Light- coloured, large tiles can make the bathroom feel bright and relaxing.





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Textured Tiles



A bathroom is more than just a place to take a shower. It’s your private space. So, go on and create one that doesn’t just suit your needs, but also flair. Personalise your bathroom space with tiles that come in unique colours, textures, sizes, and materials. Tiled baths need to be slip-resistant and durable. Materials like porcelain and ceramic are a common choice for bathroom tiles since they are practically maintenance-free. With endless possibilities for tiled baths, always create a cohesive look for the tiles in your shower and tub when you plan your bathroom design. It all boils down to creating a meaningful sanctuary that reflects a design of your own.




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