A big priority for a lot of our clients is to maximise their space with smart kitchen storage solutions. As kitchen design specialists it is one of our core responsibilities to think of innovative ways to incorporate the perfect amount of storage to suit our client’s lifestyle. By offering made to measure cabinets we can guarantee our clients will get exactly what they need. Today we will walk you through some of the ways we can help you maximise space and maintain an organised kitchen.


Hiding away white goods and appliances is often important to our clients, so wherever possible we use integrated appliances, such as cookers or fridges, as part of the cabinetry to achieve style and convenience in a smart way.



best kitchen storage solutions



For spaces with high ceilings, we often suggest a full-height pull out larder, a great option for keeping your dry foods, bottles and large items at arm’s reach. By organising your space in this way you can keep all your items in sight and life will be that little bit easier when it comes to writing your shopping list! Larders come in sizes from 90 – 230 cm in height and 25 – 60 cm in width, giving us plenty of sizing options to play with.



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If you are limited for space then there are other storage options such as different pull out solutions. Once it has been decided where you would like your storage we can then recommend the best kitchen storage solutions for you. For example, these pull-out drawers are great for smaller spaces that have limited cabinet space.





Years of experience has demonstrated that designing drawers individually for their intended use is the best way to ensure drawers are used for their key purpose, for example, the photo above demonstrates how this drawer has been designed with a two storey system to house bowls and plates at the bottom and cutlery at the top. There are so many different styles to choose from to build a space that suits you perfectly, we can go through all the options with you and find the best combination!



kitchen storage solutions



If you are keen to design every detail of your cabinetry through to your cutlery drawer then we offer a truly bespoke service where you can choose the finish, the colour, and the size of each compartment. We have found this service appeals to people who love to cook and have an extensive collection of utensils! If you’re unsure how to use those hard to reach corners then an integrated corner system is a perfect way to maximise space.



kitchen storage solutions



What makes Amberth unique is our ability to focus on how space will be used. Before we begin the design process we offer a complimentary consultation where we discuss our client needs and reflect this in a design proposal. If you do require further advise and would like to know the best way to tailor your kitchen storage, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here and we will get back to you soon.