Join Amberth’s visionary duo, Piotr and Inga, as they share their journey in this exclusive episode on the Stars of The Future Podcast.

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Amberth isn’t just a design company. It’s a place where dreams take shape. Join us as we delve deep into the inspiring journey of Amberths founders, gain valuable insights, and explore the world of bespoke design.

From advice to inspiration, to the very essence of the Amberth vision, we invite you to discover the intricate craftsmanship and unwavering vision that defines Amberth.


Podcast Highlights :


Amberths Tale
“From design, to all aspects of supply and installation, we’re with the client all the way. This was always the dream.”  – Inga

Starting as a small installation company, Amberth’s tale is one of passion and dedication. Discover how they merged their dream with the industries’ needs to create the exceptional service Amberth offers today.


Beyond Design
“We wanted to make sure that we offer a stress free service where the client can actually relax at the points where many other companies are asking them to get very involved.” – Inga

At Amberth, interiors are more than aesthetics. They contribute to well-being. Creating spaces that make you feel proud and content is at the heart of their philosophy. Inga and Piotr share how their vision for a stress-free process led them to providing their full service of design, craft and installation.


London’s Luxury Market
“When we design, we always think of design practically. I always think of how I would feel in that space.” – Piotr

Learn about Inga and Piotr’s experience in London’s luxury living market. Attention to detail and an attitude of learning are two of the skills that enable Amberth to understand their client’s vision. Flawlessly.


The Amberth Approach
Talent is 20%, hard work is 80%. Hear Inga and Piotrs advice on how to climb the ladder within the industry. Continuous learning, bravery, and seizing opportunities has been key to their success.


The Vision
Inga and Piotr aren’t just growing their business. They’re nurturing their community. Discover how Amberth aims to support entrepreneurs and elevate the world of bespoke design.

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