With more of an emphasis placed on master bathrooms, we have dedicated more of our time towards looking at more innovative ways to create a standout space simultaneously adding value to the entire home. As the master bedroom and master bathroom work hand in hand with one another to relax and rejuvenate our clients after a busy day these are the spaces most likely to get the greatest levels of financial investment. We want to walk you through one of our master bathroom renovations that experienced a high level of investment to achieve a bold and distinctive look using bold fittings and high-end finishes.




master bathroom



To create a warm and welcoming feel we opted for variations of brown tiles, with light colour tiles on the walls and dark colour tiles on the floor, and this was complemented with brass fittings to contrast the look and add a touch of glam. To complete the look marble has been used for the rim of the bath and the entire surface of the vanity area.




master bathroom



By providing 1-1 consultations at the start of the project we understood we had to be extremely flexible to give our client exactly what they required such as built-in storage under the bath to maximise space. To maintain a clean and polished look we advised our client during the consultations to use wall mounted taps and a handheld shower.




master bathroom



As you will see, marble has been formed within the specifications of this space into a worktop and vanity unit with a bespoke design. A lovely contrast has been created with the brass taps offset against the marble.



master bathroom



This master bathroom exerts an extravagant luxurious look thanks to the key features and top of the range finishes such as the Emperador Marble and the stunning Lee Broom clear crystal bulb and pendant.


Image Credit: David Giles 

Bathroom completed by: Amberth 



Get The Look


If this design inspires you then how about recreating the look for yourself. Below, we have listed some of our favourite items we used, so you can re-create a similar design theme.

  1. Lee Broom clear crystal bulb and pendant
  2. Vola brass taps
  3. Bespoke mirror
  4. Porcelain Tiles
  5. Bespoke vanity unit using Marron Emperador marble



For further information on this bathroom or for help re-designing your own master bathroom, click here, to get in touch with us to bring your gorgeous ideas to reality.