Adding interest to a standard bathroom doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. By working in one or two key elements, you can lift the look and feel of the space and make the scheme feel more luxurious and considered. Take a look at these ideas to see how you could turn a functional washspace into a much more stylish room.


Be radical


A heated towel rail is pretty standard in many people’s bathrooms, but the design you go for can make all the difference. Consider ditching the usual chrome option for something more unusual, like this black version.

The white bathroom is simple and practical, but the professionals at Hope Lucia Design have added touches of black to give it a boost. The matt black radiator is the perfect choice to make the washspace feel a little more special.





Focus on finishes


Texture is key when it comes to adding depth to a basic interior, and is easy to introduce in the bathroom. Think about bringing a couple of different materials into the space, as the designers at Amberth have done here.

The minimal white scheme has been complemented by a pale wood vanity unit with a concrete basin above. The two beautiful finishes add some natural interest and character to the room.





Give it some metal


Take your bathroom up a notch by adding fittings and fixtures with a metallic finish. Copper and brass are particularly popular for bringing some bling into your washroom.

Less is more when it comes to getting this look right, though, so stick to the same metal throughout the space and hold back on introducing too much.

This elegant bathroom, created by Emma Merry Styling, has been lifted by just a few key metallic elements. The brass complements the white walls and navy vanity unit for a subtle boost.





Play with pattern

Plain white tiles are a practical and cost-effective choice for a bathroom, but there are ways you can make them more interesting. Consider asking your tiler to lay them in a pattern that’s different from the standard brick-bond formation.

In this bathroom, long white tiles have been positioned in a herringbone pattern, which instantly gives the space a designer look. Alternatively, you could stack the tiles vertically or go for a chevron design.



Restore and refine


Make your bathroom feel more considered by forgoing standard storage furniture in favour of repurposed vintage pieces.

Here, the designers at NK Living have chosen a wooden sideboard and shelving unit in place of the usual bathroom vanity and wall cabinet. These pieces, together with vintage-style wall lights, wood panelling, and artwork, help to create a space that feels different from a basic bathroom.





Smarten storage


While freestanding cabinets and wall shelves are brilliantly useful for bathroom storage, some bespoke joinery will give your room an extra dimension.

Look around your space to find unused areas where you could fit some unique storage to make the room appear beautifully designed. The owners of this bathroom have hired a carpenter to make the most of a sloping niche. The recessed shelving is both practical and attractive.