The Pantone Colour Institute have announced their Colour of the Year for 2021, and this year, it’s not just one colour, but two! 

This colour choice has very much been swayed by the global pandemic as it represents happiness and stability. 

Something we all look forward to for the future. The colours are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow.  


 The Pantone Colour Institute describes them as ‘A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting’. 


Here’s a bit more detail about the colours: 


Ultimate grey (pantone 17-5104)  

Reminiscent of pebbles on the beach and other natural weathered elements, Ultimate Grey symbolises an ability to stand the test of time. It evokes feelings of reassurance, calmness, stability, and resilience. 


Illuminating (pantone 13-0647) 

This bright and cheerful yellow oozes strength and positivity. Its warm and sunny hue glistens with vitality to evoke feelings of optimism. 

Now, who wouldn’t want those feelings in their life? So, here are 3 stunning examples of how you can introduce grey and yellow into your home. 


Yellow accent wall with grey accessories

Accent walls have been popular for decades because they allow you to introduce bold colours without being overbearing. And yellow can certainly be bold. 


When you choose which wall to paint in yellow, think about the impact you want to make. For example, choose a small wall if you want a subtle look or create a more significant impact by painting a large wall.  

Also, think about other features that will be along the wall you choose. For example, window frames or doors in a large wall will help break up the colour. And consider if there is space for furniture in front of the wall too. 




Photo credit: Amberth


We designed this living room with bright and bold yellow feature wall. The rest of the walls in the room are white. 

We also introduced grey accents by adding a large piece of furniture (the sofa) in grey. Far from being overpowering, the yellow transforms the room into a vibrant and airy space. And together with the grey and other soft tones, the overall effect is uplifting. 


Grey walls with yellow accessories

In this example, we flip the colour palette to feature grey as the backdrop on the walls and yellow as the accent colour. 

You can, of course, paint the whole room in grey, or just pick a feature wall and paint the rest in a complementary colour – maybe a softer shade of grey or white. Then introduce yellow in the furniture and accessories. 



Photo credit: Ideal Home


In this living room, the designer has gone all out on the grey and yellow theme. Using grey on the walls and contrasting it with darker hues of grey in the cushions, vases, chair, and rug. 

The bold yellow sofa instantly provides a lift to the colour scheme. And the small pops of yellow behind the wall cabinets and the other accessories keep the theme alive throughout the room. The look is very contemporary, and it creates a calming atmosphere.  


If you love these colour schemes and would like help introducing them into your home, contact Amberth, and talk to a member of our team.