It’s that time of the year when we make small tweaks in our homes to ensure were prepared for those cold winter nights. Follow these 5 essential steps to make your evenings feel more cosy.



Change your wall colours for an instant change in mood, opting for a warm grey, champagne or cappuccino tone. (Image: The Design Chaser).



If you don’t already have a bed side tables then it may be worth adding that to your list of things to do. Think about those cold nights when all you want to do is snuggle down with a book. Ensure you maintain a tidy room with access to other bedtime essentials. (Image: House and Home)



Do you have the right bedside lamp to create the right ambience at different times of the day? If not upgrade your current bedside lamp with a dimmer and get the lighting just right. (Image: Foscarini)



Cushions? You never have enough! Why not keep that dusty pink trend going with a collection of pinks or dusty beige for slight colour variation? (Image: Anna Gillar)



A good selection of bedding will help to maintain an upbeat feel in your bedroom and great when you wish to change the mood. Use dusty, pastel tones for a stylish, trendy bedroom that will stay on trend all your round. Often enough, it takes a small change that can have a lasting impact on your mood and how you respond to your space. These small changes are a great way to introduce different seasons throughout the year.