Installing a new bathroom is a serious undertaking and can be deceptively tricky. It requires quite an array of fittings and technical skill, often in a very compact space. For this reason, carefully planning from the start will prevent costly mistakes and changes down the line. You are in good hands as we have been designing, supplying and installing bathrooms for over 10 years. For this reason, we have created a step-by-step  guide  to planning a bathroom  that will help to stop you from being overwhelmed.  



 Assess Your Needs 

Begin by working out your key priorities. A family bathroom or spa-style sanctuary will require a long list of specifications and fittings that could include a bath, separate shower, double basins, and heaps of storage, while an en-suite or guest shower may just require a shower and loo.  Next, ask yourself what sort of space you wish to achieve. Are you seeking a haven to escape to, or are you more of a re-energise type of person? This will affect the types of fittings, fixtures and colour scheme you choose to bring your new bathroom to life.


Planning A Bathroom

Image Credit:  David Giles  

Bathroom completed by:  Amberth 

Planning A Bathroom Layout 

Replacing fittings, flooring and tiles or repainting walls is a quick way to get a refresh. If your layout isn’t quite right, think about the ways you might be able to make small but effective changes. Rehanging doors or fitting sliding ones is a great way to gain space, for example. If you do plan to change your layout, measure your bathroom carefully. Note the position of doors windows and any pipes. It might help to draw an outline on graph paper, or use an online design tool. 


It’s also a good idea to visit a bathroom design studio, where designers have plenty of experience in maximising space, while at the same time minimising costly mistakes. With Amberth the consultation is complimentary – just remember to bring some photos of your bathroom, measurements and ideas boards from Houzz or Pinterest. 



Planning A Bathroom


Image Credit: CG Trader 


Seek Out Inspiration 

Choose your style early on as this will help narrow down the choice of fittings to consider. Your main options are period style, classic or a contemporary look. Hotels, particularly small boutique ones, are a fabulous source of design inspiration, so scour their websites for looks you love. Quite often Pinterest has a lot of bathroom inspiration – you should start by checking ours out.  

Flick through interiors magazines to gather ideas and try to bring together a visual checklist of what appeals to you, whether that’s an Eastern-Zen look, or something more Scandi-inspired. Talk to friends who have completed similar projects about what they love about their new bathroom, and to discover the pitfalls and problems they may have encountered along the way. 


Factor In Storage 

Storage is the key to a successful bathroom. Toiletries never display well standing on the floor of the shower. A substantial vanity with space for extra towels is a smart buy. Mirrored cabinets will allow you to store products, as well as charge toothbrushes and electric razors. Storage niches in the walls will also ensure that you can store bottles discreetly when in the shower. 


Planning A Bathroom


Image Credit: David Giles  

Bathroom completed by:  Amberth 


Consider Your Bathroom Lighting 

Consider your bathroom lighting when planning a bathroom! As bathrooms are often placed next to the bedroom, lighting should be considered carefully. We suggest that you consider having different levels of lighting then if you’re taking a late-night trip to the bathroom, you can turn on the lowlevel lighting without waking up others.  


Planning A Bathroom


Image Credit: David Giles  

Bathroom Credit: Amberth 


 Our bespoke bathroom service provides complete flexibility to create a space that fits into your lifestyle and imagination. For more information or to get in touch with our team for a complimentary consultation click  here.