Decorating your home in neutral colours is contemporary and stylish. And, if you’re nervous about using bright colours, it can also be the safest option. But, using vibrant, strong colours doesn’t need to be scary. 


With a few carefully planned touches of intense colour, you can transform any bland and boring room into a lively and more stimulating space.


So, if you’re bored with muted tones and would like to breathe new life into your home, try adding colour. Here are some easy and subtle ways to do it.




Forget dull and lifeless mass-produced furniture and go for something more adventurous instead. 


A large, brightly coloured piece of furniture, such as a sofa or armchair, against a neutral background, will instantly draw the eye and make a statement. And you don’t necessarily have to buy something new. Getting your old sofa reupholstered means you’ll have a much wider range of fabric colours to choose from. 


If you’re not quite brave enough to go with a large piece of bright furniture, try starting with something smaller instead. These dining room chairs by Kartell Masters don’t dominate the space but still have enough colour to create an impact.




Photo credit: David Giles – Amberth


Art-inspired rugs


Art isn’t just for your walls! Rugs, inspired by art, add instant interest to your home, they’re an easy way of using bright colours. And there are plenty of bright and exciting designs available. 


You could choose a rug that’s inspired by the great masters such as Picasso and Van Gogh. Or go for a modern art rug with geometric designs, lively florals or vibrant patterns.




Photo credit: Sonya Winner


This Matisse-inspired rug, by Sonya Winner, is a creative way of bringing more fun into your home, livening up a neutral space. And, as they’ve done here, you can incorporate the colours of the rug into the rest of the room with accessories or soft furnishings in matching colours or patterns.





Changing or adding fabrics is one of the easiest ways to incorporate pops of colour into a room. 


Swap uninspiring cushions for dazzling colours instead. Drape throws over sofas and chairs, or hang curtains or blinds in vivid colours. Either stick to one colour or use a variety of strongly contrasting colours to really perk up a neutral room. 




Photo credit: Ideal Home


And don’t forget your bedrooms. Simply replacing your plain sheets and pillows with brightly coloured ones is enough to completely transform the space. 



Kitchen Accessories


When it comes to the kitchen, there are some really striking, colourful brands of small kitchen appliances available. But you don’t have to stop at kettles and toasters.


Look for bread bins and storage jars to place on your countertops. Hang colourful utensils on the walls. And if you have open shelves or glass-fronted cabinets, invest in some brightly patterned crockery or shiny copper saucepans to display in them.  



Photo credit: David Giles – Amberth



Adding Art to the space


The addition of colourful and bold art presents a simple yet effective option to lift the look of any room. Either a single piece of art. hung from a wall, or a grouping of colourful frames that capture the important family memories, present a solution for a including a splash of colour to your interiors.




Photo credit: The Spruce



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