The greatest challenge we face when working with small kitchens is maximising space while ensuring the design isn’t compromised. The choice of materials and the layout composition are equally important in developing a strong scheme for the kitchen. Working with small spaces often forces us to become more creative with our execution as we have to consider alternative materials for a spacious look. Today, we showcase a range of small kitchens that proves size isn’t everything.



Use your space to your advantage, therefore if your fortunate to have high ceilings yet lack general space, it is important you show them off your best feature. A great way to do this is with pendant lighting. The larger the better, as this will draw your eye up. Use wood or wood finished tile as an alternative to contrast dark worktops, instantly you create gentle elegance. If natural light is something your small kitchen does benefit from, be sure to work your cabinetry and work surfaces around that area and boost that sense of space. Incorporate seating, such as a breakfast bar, around your work surface, a great addition to your kitchen.




Image: Arch





We designed this tiny L-shaped kitchen, a compact space which presented us with a huge challenge. Every millimetre was precious. We poured over the smallest details, maximising the space with inventive storage and space-saving designs, yet style was never compromised. The beautiful worktop is carefully designed from a single piece of natural granite, leaving no unsightly joins.





Image: Amberth




We encourage space saving ideas that will enable you to store small and larger items efficiently. This corner storage is a great way to store your pots and pans neatly, keeping them out of sight, whilst being readily available when access is needed. (Image: Amberth)




Image: Amberth


Small kitchens will always benefit from reflective surfaces, but be sure to keep your tones subtle as this maintains a smart finish.



White is a great colour to open your space and breathe air in. It isn’t such a bad idea to create a white space that will give your space a greater sense or room. Be sure to use a warmer textural material such as wood, to soften the look and for an engaging feel. Don’t forget to leave your beans exposed for a sense of charm.


Image: Apartment Therapy



Opt for deep tones, textural surfaces and contrasting colours that are tactile in appearance. Don’t be afraid to go bold, even in the smallest of spaces, for the result will be ten times more effective.





Image: Elcho Island Arts


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