No matter its size, a home is where your heart is. So, don’t just leave your heart untidy and stifled. It’s time to do some elbow grease and tidy things up to make room for more space. With smart storage hacks, you can have a cosy, efficient, and stylish house even with limited space. Get the most out of every area in your home without the fuss. Make use of your creativity, and choose the best smart storage that will suit your needs.



With these storage solutions that can come in handy, you can enjoy a clutter-free and spacious house in no time without the hefty price tag.



Maximise Space under Windows



Adding bench seats under windows can turn your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom into a relaxing haven. What makes it better is the built-in window seats with drawers or doors that can stock up almost anything you prefer hidden and orderly such as covers, pillows, toys, etc. Open cubbies under window seats can also house your collection of books, knick-knacks, and treasured souvenirs.





Photo Credit: House Of Turquoise 



Install Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets



When you’re struggling to fit in so many things in your tiny home, you should consider having customised floor-to-ceiling cabinets installed. Not only these cabinets create an illusion of a higher ceiling and a bigger space, but they also help achieve uncluttered aesthetics. You can keep your stuff in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or even bathroom organise and accessible in one place.





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Add Built-in Bathroom Storage



If your bathroom is a mess, it’s time to declutter unnecessary products that have been sitting around on the sink or shelf for ages and welcome a relaxing, practical and stylish space. A built-in bathroom storage cabinet can have a dual purpose–a practical mirror and storage to keep your bathroom essentials tidy in one place.




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Make the Most of Every Space in the Kitchen



Even a tight space can still hold kitchen storage! Stock up condiments and cans of supplies in a thin pull-out cupboard with several racks.




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Under-bed Storage



A small room can make you feel cramped, especially with a lot of belongings scattered everywhere. Utilise the space underneath the bed by incorporating a built-in storage space with drawers to store pillows, linens, seasonal clothes, and toys. As a result, you will enjoy more space to move around in your room.





Photo Credit: Home Decor Ideas



Turn a Staircase into Storage



Don’t leave the space under the staircase empty. Harness the storage space you can gain from it. With customised drawers and shelves underneath, you can double your staircase’ functionality. You can tuck away shoes, tools, cleaning supplies, sports equipment, or anything you want inside the additional home storage.





Photo Credit: Sainsponsel



Attach Shelves



So, you need more space to pile up stuff? Attach a floating shelf over the door, under the sink or any empty wall in your bedroom, kitchen or living room. Aside from its added visual appeal, it can hold knick-knacks, books, towels, toiletries, kitchen supplies, beauty products, clothes and almost anything you need without taking up lots of space.




Photo Credit: Home DIT