As specialists in bespoke bathrooms, we consider various methods to capture a feeling of luxury for the home while simultaneously providing our clients with a space to suit their needs. One approach is a steam shower. It gives an aesthetically pleasing touch to any bathroom and comes with a host of positive health benefits once used such as physical restoration and mental refreshment. The completion of a multitude of steam showers for clients means we have the first-hand experience of the process involved when it comes down to building a steam shower. If you wish to have one installed yourself we have described the requirements and process of installing a steam shower in your bathroom/shower room.




When considering a steam shower there must be enough space to accommodate the steam generator. We tend to work with a minimum of 900mm x 900mm for the shower enclosure to create a pleasant experience for the space. The bigger the space, the bigger the generator, therefore, additional space is required for larger steam showers. To accommodate the steam generator we install a cupboard outside of the shower and this can be built within the space or inside a protruding wall depending on the size of the space.



steam showers



Image Credit: Dezeen




We tend to favour mosaic tiles over large tiles in the steam showers we design as it gives a statement look and a seamless finish. Keep in mind smaller tiles have been designed to look busy therefore condensation from the steam is not obvious. To keep on top of managing the steam ensure the steam room is wiped clean after use. The double steam shower in this master bathroom comes complete with seating to give a comforting experience while heightening the spa-like experience for the client. An LED strip in the niche and beneath the seating is a great way to keep darker, recessed spaces lit when required to maintain cohesion of the mood in the space. This large shower head sits flush in the ceiling to accommodate the low drop of the ceiling to maximise user comfort.



steam showers


Image Credit: David Giles 

Bathroom completed by: Amberth



Steam Valve

In addition to the large shower head, we also incorporate a hand-held shower with valves to control the heat to provide different settings for the water flow and steam functionality. The valves should be positioned in a comfortable place that is close to seating you that may have been included in the design.



steam showers



Image Credit: Peace Photographics



Having a steam shower is a fantastic way to relieve the stress of modern living. If you are interested in incorporating a steam shower in your build seek professional advice to ensure it will work in your space. Please feel free to get in touch with Amberth if you would like advice on how to obtain these looks.