For an eclectic kitchen to truly shine it requires a close eye on the smart storage solutions. There are a series of approaches you can consider depending on the size and decor elements within the space, from floating shelves and closed cabinets through to wall-mounted modular units. There is no one single approach either as smart storage solutions tend to consider a range of approaches that work in unison with one another.



Open Shelving


It is perceived that inside of an eclectic kitchen there must be no visible trace of kitchenware and the utensils out of sight however this is not entirely correct. It is possible to build out beautiful open shelves if you consider incorporating an elective narrative that extends out to the style and colour scheme of the space. Simple floating wooden shelves are a popular option as they reveal a charming character that works well inside of an eclectic kitchen, but you can opt for more polished shelves too. The shelves offer you the opportunity to tell a story that changes throughout the year to suit changing seasons and trends.




Photo Credit: Golfroadwarriors



Hidden Storage 


If you maintain a strong preference for keeping your kitchen items stored away then hidden storage solutions should be considered. In fact, even cabinets with glass walls are a luxury since organising is not really high on our priority list. This is where cabinets come in mighty handy. You can utilise the space beneath your workstation, the central island of the kitchen or even the space in the corners to add cabinets that feel elegant and offer plenty of storage space. New kitchen technology and smart solutions provide slim units that simply disappear into the wall when they are not in use.





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Smart Lighting 


In the small kitchen, every inch of space matters. Adding an eclectic theme to the mix makes space even more important. Adding the right cabinetry and shelving heightens the eclectic theme and this heightens the overall appeal of the kitchen. When focusing on this lighting it pays to focus on the corners in here to create a more sense of space and draws attention to the smart storage solutions. To achieve true harmony in the kitchen ensure the lighting is balanced and even in the kitchen for even better results. A mix of slim shelves, clever cabinets, and adaptable solutions all combine to fashion the perfect eclectic kitchen.




Photo Credit: The Decoist