A home renovation can be a huge undertaking, and can feel like too big a project to manage, but with the help of professionals it doesn’t need to be so daunting!

From building a new extension, to knocking down a single wall, through to re-vamping an existing staircase, we highlight the key processes involved that will allow you to understand how you can complete a successful home renovation.


Listed Property 


Before structural changes are made to your home it is important to understand if your property is a listed building. Once this information has been understood you will be in a better position to move forward with your renovation in complete confidence.




Find out if your house is listed by contacting the conservation officer at your local district council for Listed Building Consent (LBC). LBC is similar to planning permission although the only difference is that no fees are payable. Listed properties are considered of special architectural or historic interest, therefore, the interior and the exterior of the building will be protected. If you wish to demolish, alter, or extend your building in any way, which affects the character or setting, permission must be granted.


For home renovations we work closely with the Planning Consultant and the client to prepare the Planning Application before work commences. If you fail to obtain content the local authority can also serve an enforcement notice in respect of unauthorised works requiring owners to restore the building to its former state. In the worst case scenario, the failure to obtain consent before altering a listed building is altered structurally may result in a fine or imprisonment. These notices can also be enforced to the current occupier for works carried out by previous owners.




A gorgeous bespoke steel conservatory was installed for this project, thus providing an important link between home and garden. A fluent look with the exterior with the interior was created by installing a new window in the downstairs toilet. The new conservatory transformed the space into a feature look as it welcomes a nice flow of natural light into the dining room




Wall Restoration


Wall restoration has the ability to create more storage space for awkward shaped or small rooms. In this example, we restored an existing wall to create new storage space above the door to the downstairs toilet. When making changes to the interior of your home, you must ensure you have the correct professionals in place. A project like this requires an Interior Designer, Architect, Plumber, Electrician, and Builders. We take on the entire project from initial concept, through to supply and installation with skilled professionals to carry out the work with contractors brought in for more specialist jobs.





The flexibility and complete control we have with the quality of the finish of our projects has been the main appeal for the clients who have had complete house refurbishments with us. If you are considering a house refurbishment, we would always advise seeking professional advice. Feel free to contact us here: Amberth for any information you may require.