When we’re surrounded by the colour blue, it conjures up all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Such as a beautiful blue sky that puts a spring in our step on a sunny day. The calming sights, sounds and smells of the sea bringing tranquillity as waves gently lap the shore. And the heavenly scent of Forget-Me-Nots, Cornflowers and Bluebells blowing across a meadow.  


Blue is all around us, and it’s a colour that makes us feel calm, relaxed, and secure. So, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular colour when it comes to home décor.  


And there are so many shades. Green/blue hues are reminiscent of turquoise Caribbean waters and Tiffany jewellery. True blues, like baby blue, sky blue and powder blue remind us of babies, the sky and twilight. And then, there are dark blue/grey shades like steel blue. Or violet/blue hues like rustic blue. 


Whatever shade of blue appeals to you, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate it into your home. Here are 6 of our favourites. 


Add blue accents in the kitchen


There are many ways you can add blue into a kitchen – blue cabinets, floor tiles, wall tiles or even a blue fridge-freezer. But when we designed this kitchen, we went for a subtle approach. Pale blue acrylic splashback adds a pop of colour behind the cabinets. And also, under cabinet lighting enhances it with a stunning mirrorlike finish.  


Block paint living room walls



Photo credit: House Beautiful


If there’s one room in your home you want to feel relaxed in, it’s the living room. And these steel blue walls will certainly have a calming influence.  


This living room combines a mix of feelings. The inky blue sofa makes a dramatic statement, yet its soft curves tone it down. And the crisp white of the ceiling, lighting and side table prevent the walls from being overbearing. So, the overall look is both modest and bold. 


Tile your bathroom in blue



Photo credit: Tile Mountain


What better way to relax than a soak in the tub surrounded by walls of calming blue? In this bathroom, you can do just that. 


Blue is often thought of as a cold colour. But these glass subway tiles have the appearance of water, glistening in the sunlight. That sparkle, combined with the wooden walnut floor, brings a warmth to the room that makes it look inviting and soothing. 


Add a splash of blue in the bathroom



Photo credit: BHG


If you’re unsure about turning your whole bathroom blue, why not just tile an accent wall for a splash of colour. 


This bathroom uses sky blue brickwork tiles behind the sink and other wet areas. The blue gives the whole bathroom a bright and cheerful look, while the white grout breaks the colour up and stops it from being overbearing. Overall, the look is sleek, clean, and contemporary. 


Include blue furniture



Photo credit: Amberth


Adding blue to your home doesn’t have to entail a complete redecoration. Instead, you can do it by just adding blue furniture. 


We designed this living room with a very neutral colour palette. So, the dark rustic blue sofa against this backdrop makes a bold statement. It’s the only piece of blue we used in the room, but it’s more than enough to warm the room up and give it a lift. 


Lay blue floor tiles in the hallway



Photo credit: Amberth


Imagine leaving behind the stresses of your day by stepping into a calming hallway like this one. 


We designed this hallway using geometric floor tiles with a colour mix of powder blue, rustic blue and white. We also added dark rustic blue accents in the radiator and light shade to bring the whole room together. With the rest of the room predominantly white, the floor is a beautiful stand-out feature that adds colour and a touch of elegance. 


If you love these blue colour schemes and would like help introducing them into your home, contact Amberth, and talk to a member of our team.