2021 is here, and it’s a year that comes with hope and high expectations. Giving your home a refresh with one of the hottest design trends is the perfect way to celebrate it.


Over the last year, peoples’ outlook on life has changed. There’s more focus on well-being, combining work and home, looking after the environment and travel. And all of these things have had an influence on interior design. 


In this blog, we share some of the best interior design trends for 2021 to help spark some ideas for your next home refresh project.


Focus on well-being


Mental health and wellness have been put under the spotlight recently, so it’s no surprise that people want to live in homes that enhance their sense of well-being. 


Turn your home into a calming sanctuary by using natural, earthy colours. Browns, beige, warm greens and deep reds can be mixed to create a home that feels comforting. Use the colours on your walls, furniture, wall art and textiles such as cushions, bedding and curtains.




Photo: Elle Decor


Then add plenty of houseplants. Research has shown that living in a home with elements of nature reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and increases productivity.


Bringing all these things together will give you a home you’ll love to spend time in. 



Choose ethically sourced and durable products


With concern growing for the environment, this interior design trend isn’t about a particular look. It’s about what, where and how products for your home are sourced.


Forget the throw-away culture of previous years. This trend advocates buying things for your home that are durable.




Photo: Konk Furniture



Choose high-quality, unique pieces that will stand the test of time over mass-produced pieces that are designed to be thrown out after a few years. And if you buy wooden items, look for sustainably sourced wood.


And finally, try to buy products that have been made and are sold locally. Not only will you be helping your local economy, but you’ll reduce your impact on the environment by cutting out travel miles.



Combine old and new rustic, natural materials


This interior design trend is an updated version of shabby chic. And it’s all about mixing old with new.


Shabby chic is a timeless trend that embodies luxury and faded elegance. To find shabby chic furniture and decorative accessories, visit vintage markets and look for old pieces with plenty of wear and tear. Faded fabrics and chipped or worn paintwork all add to the charm.


Or, if you struggle to find old pieces, buy new items that have been given a distressed look to make them appear like antiques.




Photo: Stylist


The twist on this trend is to team these rustic pieces with some new buys. Go for soft furnishings and accessories made from natural materials like linen, rattan, cotton and wool.


You’ll add character to your home and give it that lived in and loved look.



Choose multi-use, modular furniture


Homeworking became the norm during 2020, and people have increasingly been looking for ideas to combine office and living space. So, our next interior design trend focuses on multi-use, modular furniture.  


So, what exactly is modular furniture? Quite simply, it’s furniture that’s made into modules that can be assembled into one big piece or used separately.




Photo: Vitra 


A modular sofa, for example, comes in lots of separate pieces. This allows you to configure the shape of your sofa in different ways. You can also break it down into multiple seats and a table to create a handy working area. Then put it back again at the end of the working day.


This type of furniture is ideal for small spaces because it cuts out the need to add extra furniture when there isn’t room for it.



Embrace travel influences


With many people not getting away on holiday last year, this interior design trend brings holidays to your home!


It’s all about using tropical influences to create a tranquil and relaxing living space. Think of palm trees, soothing blue seas, and bright tropical colours. Look for them in patterned wallpaper, curtains and cushions, and also in furniture and paint colours.




Photo: Amberth


Also, bring in a touch of greenery. Choose houseplants with large green leaves such as palm trees, Bird of paradise (Caesalpinia) or Fishtail palms (Caryota) for a tropical look.


Then you can lay back and imagine yourself sipping sangria on a beautiful beach every day.


If you need help introducing any of our favourite interior design trends for 2021 into your home, contact Amberth and talk to a member of our team!