Maintaining your home’s beauty is a delicate dance between style and effort. A luxurious layout can quickly lose its luster if dust becomes a constant companion or wear and tear is imminent.  Traditional styles, with their intricate details and ornate features, often demand a little more TLC compared to modern designs with their sleek lines and minimalist features.


But no matter your preferred aesthetic, smart choices can simplify your home upkeep. Making your daily lifestyle a simpler one to maintain. And who wouldn’t want that?

So, let’s explore some practical tips and design solutions to create a clean, hassle-free living experience.


Countertop Care


Photo Credit: Gerald Culliford


Your countertops can be a breeding ground for clutter. And yet, they are there to be used – and should be used without worry. To keep them low-maintenance, think about your needs: design your space with efficiency and longevity in mind. Choose a lighter colored countertop to help hide smudges and fingerprints. And consider textured finishes like soapstone and granite, which are more resilient than smooth finishes.


Conquering Dust


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Features like architraves, covings, and wall moldings are charming and luxurious. But they love to gather dust. But there are some simple solutions to minimise this: invest in versatile cleaning products to tackle these areas efficiently. And don’t overlook HVAC systems – they can significantly reduce the dust in your home. With no effort.


Simple lifestyle habits can improve this, too: leave shoes at the door, store items out of sight, and use air purifiers to swiftly conquer the dust dilemma.


Clever Storage Solutions


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Concealing clutter keeps your space pristine. Consider built-in cupboards and drawers to create order.  Less items will gather dust, and your cleaning time will be halved. Customised storage, such as the solutions offered by Amberth, can cater to your unique needs. Without compromising style.


Wall-Mounted Elegance


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Wall-mounted furniture isn’t just stylish, it’s a secret to low-maintenance homes. Say goodbye to wrestling with heavy pieces. Chasing water stains. And tripping over clutter. Wall-mounted features let you mop freely, banish limescale, and elevate your home’s style – all while giving you more time to enjoy it, instead of just cleaning it.



Get Smart With Your Open-Shelving


Photo Credit: Larkbury London


Open shelving is a go-to for showcasing your favoured decor. But they can very easily gather dust and clutter. Choose wisely – be selective about the number of items you display on open shelving. So your cleaning routine involves less shuffling around. Choosing light-colored wood or wood veneer is a smart solution to reduce the appearance of dirt, allowing you a little more grace if you’re behind on your chores.


Reach For The Ceiling


Photo Credit: Amberth


Low-medium units are a dirt trap. For a more sleek and low maintenance option, we advise your units to go all the way to the ceiling when possible – provided that your ceilings are perfectly levelled. If this is a challenge, you can use a finishing plinth to level it out and tidy things up.



Flooring For Low-Maintenance


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Let’s talk flooring. When choosing materials and colors, think about your space’s daily dance. Are there little feet running around your house? Do you host frequently? If so, your low-maintenance options would be textured finishes or wood. Consider the shade, too. Lighter tones will show blemishes more easily. Skip the high-gloss finishes that amplify dirt.


Shine Bright. Clean Less.


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Decorative lighting certainly adds style and grace. But they call for a certain commitment. Their intricate details require frequent care; so if this isn’t a compromise you’re willing to make, select lights with smoother, simple surfaces.


It’s often the little things that make a big difference. By incorporating these solutions  into your home, you can create a space that is both beautiful and easy to care for. This means less time cleaning. And more time enjoying your home with the people you love. Remember: a well-designed home is a happy home.


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