Imagine stepping into a 1920’s kitchen: with its coal-fired oven and linoleum floors. A far cry from today’s sleek, modern styles. The transformation of kitchen design is a captivating journey. Reflecting the changing needs, lifestyles, and technology of each century that’s passed.  
While interior design has seen remarkable changes, each of these iconic styles still endure. Now, modern advancements are seamlessly blended with classic aesthetics. Inspired by timeless beauty. And enhanced with contemporary pleasures. But what truly distinguishes today’s kitchens from their historical counterparts? Join us as we explore this evolution, decade by decade. Unveiling the key features and influences that have shaped the heart of the home for generations.


1920’s: Effortless Charm  


Photo Credit: Country Living  


The 1920’s marked a time of simplicity and practicality. Kitchens were typically quaint and small, featuring coal-fired stoves and hand pumps for water. Light pastel colours created a comforting warmth. And linoleum tiles were in most kitchens. Their classic appeal is still used to this day to achieve this picturesque style.


1940’s: Patterns and Prints


Photo Credit: The Spruce 


Although the style of kitchens hadn’t changed too much, the 1940’s saw an introduction of more modern appliances. Gas cookers and electric refrigerators were the height of luxury. Bolder colours and delicate details adorned walls and decor. Whilst floral patterns and fruit prints were in every trend conscious kitchen.  


1960’s: Making A Statement 


Photo Credit: ApartmentTherapy  


The swinging 60’s saw a strong influence from pop culture. Bringing a burst of colour along with it. Formica countertops and bright appliances were all the rage. Walls donned patterned wallpaper and floors sparkled with vinyl tiles. Ushering in a newfound zest for design – and a timeless style which still inspires many high-end interiors. 


1980’s: Warm and Welcoming  


Photo Credit: Everything Design 


By the 1980’s, trends shifted from the colour-infused 60’s to soft, neutral interiors. Oak cabinets and wood finishes were a hallmark of this era’s kitchen design. Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops brought contrast and elegance to these warm brown tones.


1990’s: Refining Elegance  


Photo Credit: Forbes  


The 1990’s kitchens adopted a more understated, elegant aesthetic. Cherry cabinets, marble countertops, and black appliances became popular. Neutral walls and hardwood or ceramic tiles created a distinctive look.  


2000’s: Discovering Contemporary Design  


Photo credit: Saute And Soak  


The 2000’s embraced the concept of open plan living. Tearing down walls that separated kitchens from the rest of the home. Contemporary, sleek designs were sought after. Featuring stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and glass cabinets. All of which fostered a sense of spaciousness. Shabby chic was in, where practical and pretty started to merge. 


2010’s: Eclectic Accents


Photo Credit: Adaptations 


This era brought a growing emphasis on sustainability. Energy Star appliances and recycled materials found their place in kitchens. Interiors leaned towards an eclectic, rustic style. With exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood countertops, and industrial flairs. Personal expression was confidently embraced.  


2020’s: Redefining Luxury


Photo Credit: Andrew Osboarne  


Our current decade is marked by an era of advanced technology and personal distinction. Kitchens are now equipped with smart appliances, voice-activated controls, and customised storage solutions. Design is often minimalist and modern, focusing on clean lines, simple surfaces, and selective statement pieces.  


Inspiration Through the Decades

Every era that passes leaves a trace of design that lives on. Some aesthetics revisit for moments in time. Others have become timeless features widely embraced:

– Open Plan Living invites spaciousness. Connecting the heart with the rest of your space.

– Sustainable living continues to grow in importance. With many luxury kitchens embracing functional ways to support eco-friendly lifestyles.

– Smart technology is making kitchens convenient and sustainable. Where efficiency is found at the touch of a button.

– Your kitchen isn’t just a space for cooking. It’s a canvas for personal expression. Allowing you to customise and create your perfect space. That looks and feels just right. 



The evolution of kitchens is sure to continue. As our world and lifestyle changes, so will our homes. And yet, the decades have brought us closer to discovering the essence of an exquisite kitchen. No matter the style, it is one that is both functional. And exquisite.  


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