Not everyone has a spacious bathroom in their home, but with smart bathroom storage solutions anyone can create an organised and practical space and maximise their space. The tips and tricks below will help you turn a compact and mundane bathroom into a functional and stylish area, get rid of clutter and save space.


Wall-Mounted Mirrored Cabinet

Limited space is a thing of the past if you decide to install a wall-mounted mirrored cabinet. Choosing one with mirrored doors creates the illusion of a more spacious bathroom and allows you to hide all your bathroom products away out of sight.



Smart Bathroom Storage



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Multi-Purpose Cabinet


We all have tons of products, bathroom cleaning supplies, towels, a hairdryer, and lots more things in our bathrooms, so who wouldn’t want additional storage in a compact bathroom? A cabinet under the sink can be a smart storage solution to maximise the amount of things you can store.



Smart Bathroom Storage



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Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry


If your bathroom has tall ceilings, you can extend your storage capacity upwards by installing  floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. This provides a huge amount of extra storage and adds personality and elegance at the same time. Never run out of small bathroom storage again! The floor-to-ceiling cabinet is what space efficiency means.




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Built-in Shelf above the Door


Don’t waste that little space above the bathroom door. Put up a shelf above the door, and display decorative items, toiletries or towels up there!



Storage Ladder


Small space? No problem. Re-purpose an old ladder! Find an quick storage solution by placing a storage ladder in your bathroom for clean towels or storage baskets to keep things tidy.



Smart Bathroom Storage



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Storage Baskets

Bring in the laundry basket with a flat and sturdy lid to store clean folded towels. It can also serve as a space to display toiletries or little decorative items to add some charm to your bathroom.



Rolling Shelf or Magazine Rack

Even a sliver of space next to the toilet can have a huge impact in a tiny bathroom. Fit a rolling shelf or magazine rack into that tiny space. You’ll be glad you did. It makes stuff pretty accessible.





A variety of hooks can be of great help to display your stuff such as toiletries, jewellery or towels. Hanging the items you use the most on hooks makes your bathroom look tidier, and makes your things more easily accessible!



Smart Bathroom Storage



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Tower of Boxes

A tower of storage boxes in your bathroom can provide storage space for your beauty supplies, keeping everything in order and easy to find. It’s a simple way to organise your bathroom and maximise the small amount of space you have!