As we have bid farewell to 2023, we say hello to some returning design trends in 2024. From mid-century modern to vibrant colours and preloved features, the coming year is ushering in nostalgic styles with a contemporary twist.

Here are some of the key trends that are set to dominate the interior design landscape in 2024.


Bespoke Furniture Creations


Photo Credit: Amberth


With customised features becoming more prominent, bespoke furniture is taking centre stage. At Amberth, this is one of our fortes: every feature is crafted by hand, from the finest materials. Our motto is “love design hate waste” – and we seek to live this out through sustainable solutions wherever possible. So that everything fits your space seamlessly. And lasts a lifetime.


Earth-Conscious Design


Photo Credit: Graham & Green


Sustainable practices are no longer a trend. They’re a necessity. Designers and homeowners alike are prioritising sustainable materials; from reclaimed wood to recycled fibres. Ensuring that our homes are as kind to the planet as they are to our eyes.


Bold, Nostalgic Patterns


Photo Credit: Cole & Son


A touch of nostalgia is making a comeback in the form of bold, retro patterns. Many high-end design brands are embracing this signature look for wallpapers and fabrics. Think geometric shapes, vibrant florals, and playful stripes for some character and whimsy. Balance brings beauty; pair your patterns with calmer features. Or brighten the room by selecting patterns that compliment, instead of clash.


The Revival of Mid Century Modern


Photo Credit: Jessica  Brigham


While nostalgic patterns add a distinctly quaint feel to your space, the mid-century modern revival brings a sense of timeless elegance. Influenced by the 1930’s jazz and Art Deco movement, this style blends timeless features with modern edge. Its clean lines, organic forms, and natural materials give it the undying beauty it’s known for. Expect to see a renewed appreciation for iconic pieces like Eames chairs, Saarinen tables, and Scandinavian lighting.


Enlivened Tones


Photo Credit: Emily Murray, The Pink House


The time has come to embrace your bold side. Interior designers are predicting a shift towards bolder, more saturated hues. From vibrant blues to pinks and reds, to earthy tones with jewel-like accents. Use them in your aesthetics for a subtle edge. Or add them to feature walls for a little more brilliance.


Textured Fabrics


Photo Credit: Birdie Fortescue


Bespoke furniture brings one-of-a-kind features to your space, but don’t forget to incorporate textured fabrics for added dimension and richness. Cushions, rugs, curtains and blankets offer ways to incorporate some tactile elements.

Jute infuses an earthy touch, while velvet creates a luxurious feel. And wool and boucle give a sense of warmth; all of which will be popular choices in 2024.


Multifunctional Spaces


Photo Credit: Grillo Designs


Multi-functional spaces have long been a necessity for smaller homes. But in today’s space-conscious world, versatile features are allowing spaces to adapt to your needs – without sacrificing style. From home offices that transform into living areas, to kitchens that double as entertainment hubs; every inch of your home can be utilised in a sleek, sophisticated way.


As we step into the vibrant realm of 2024, it marks an era where the past intertwines with the present. Allowing you to embrace modern comforts. And appreciate nostalgic beauty. May your year ahead be as colourful, unique, and revitalising as the styles to come.


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