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The bathroom has come a long way since its origin. Once purely functional spaces, they are now viewed as a sanctuary for relaxation and wellbeing. Just look at our article on the ancient influences that shaped our modern bathrooms to see the transformation they’ve undergone. At the heart of this transformation, lies the bathtub: a symbol of indulgence and self-care.

We didn’t want to do another blog on the bathtub 101 basics. Instead, we’re diving deep and discovering the most unorthodox,  high-end luxury bathtubs available today. From jetted tubs to cascading waterfalls and sunken oases; trust me. You’re about to find your dream tub.



Beyond Style: Considerations for Comfort and Relaxation.

High-end bathtub by Amberth

 Amberth, Canonbury Road Project


In the end, the best luxury bathtub is one that meets your needs and preferences. The visual elements certainly play a role in this. But there are other important factors to consider before deciding which is your perfect match:

– Size and Depth:
Consider how large you’d need your tub to be in order for you to feel ultimate comfort and contentment.



– Headrests and Armrests: Although they’re not necessities, these features can heighten your comfort for those longer soaks.



– Accessibility: Take into account how easily accessible you need your bathtub to be. Handrails, non-slip surfaces, and lowered entrances are all elements that can make your tub time that much more accessible.



– Priorities: Last but not least, what do you most want to get out of your bathtub? Whether it’s ambience, practicality, therapy or other, these considerations should lie at the core of your decision.



– Additional Features: Consider built-in chromotherapy lights, sound systems, hydrotherapy features and heated towel racks for that extra lush touch.



 The Japanese Soaking Tubs (Ofuro)

Japanese Soaking Tub, Aquatica Baths



Description: Deep, cylindrical and completely immersive, these bathtubs are designed for sitting rather than reclining. Also known as Ofuru, they are steeped in Japanese tradition, and utilised widely for soaking and stress relief.


Benefits And Features: If full-body immersion is a must, then this is for you. Their gentle curves and zen aesthetic portray an effortless spa-like appeal. The Ofuro’s compact nature also makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms. 




The Infinity Bathtub

Kohler Infinity Bath - the Stillness CollectionStudio Kohler


Description: Infinity bathtubs are all about visual beauty. They boast a unique illusion of overflowing water, like a waterfall, that cascades into a hidden reservoir. Allowing the water level to sit just below the edge for a seamless flow effect.


Benefits And Features: Often made from high-quality materials like acrylic or stone, these tubs offer a truly unique bathing experience. LED or chromotherapy lights are an ideal partner for this one-of-a-kind statement piece. If you’re looking for ambience and awe, look no further.



The Sunken Bathtub



Maison Valentina luxury bathtubs

Maison Valentina



Description: Relaxation doesn’t get more indulgent than this. Built into the floor, the Sunken bathtub gives a seamless aesthetic. Typically made from a high-quality material like stone or acrylic, the tub itself evokes the serenity of a natural pool. One that calls you to sink into utter tranquility. 


Benefits And Features: Sunken bathtubs require planning and construction expertise, but the result is worth it. It’s a soft-spoken statement piece that’s easy to incorporate into many styles. Whether you’re looking for modern, industrial, or natural and raw, this is a truly rare and exceptional addition to any bathroom.



Double Bathtubs



Duravit Double luxury BathtubDuravit


Description: Double bathtubs are all about space and comfort. This spacious design is larger than your standard tub and comes in a variety of shapes. They’re an ideal option if you want additional features such as jets or chromotherapy lighting.


Benefits And Features: Popular choices for master bedrooms, Double bathtubs offer a luxurious and spa-like experience. Because of their size, they’re best for bigger bathrooms, but their versatile designs allow them to be fitted into corners to maximise floor space. If you like a little more elbow room, this one’s for you.



Whirlpool Bathtubs With Hydrotherapy



Monaco Hydrotherapy Luxury Bathtub , Victorian Plumbing

Victorian Plumbing


Description: This fixture is more than just a classic jetted bathtub. It’s a fully enhanced sensory experience. It embodies the true essence of bringing wellness to the bathroom, with jets designed for underwater massage therapy, and the option of chromotherapy lights to promote relaxation and uplift your mood. 


Benefits And Features: Whirlpool jets can be added to most bathtubs, although cast iron and acrylic are the most popular materials to accompany them. The combination of hydrotherapy and chromotherapy offers a truly immersive and therapeutic bathing experience. A perfect candidate to counteract the busy modern lifestyle.



Embrace the Ritual of Self-Care.



No matter what type of bath time experience you seek, your tub lies at the centre of it all. Choose one that enhances your sense of well-being. And makes you feel like you have a dedicated space for daily self-care. With endless options at your fingertips, our hope is that this blog has sparked your inspiration, and started the dream.




Your dream is big. But so is your bathroom’s potential.


You know your style better than anyone. We know bathroom design better than anyone. Imagine what we could do together.

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