Making a statement in your home is a brave move, a worthwhile risk once you get it right. It isn’t the easiest decision to make but with a bit of help, you can transform your space from drab to fabulous. We recently received the go ahead from our clients to incorporate a bold tropical leaf wallpaper in their open plan living/diner and wanted to share the agreed choice as well as our other proposals with you.

The area beneath the stairs can sometimes be forgotten or left until the end, in this case as this wall is part of the living room, it had to become part of the scheme. Our client initially wanted a small leafy print which would have covered this small section beneath the stairs. When our client agreed to cover the entire wall, to ensure the print didn’t get lost across the vast wall, we proposed a few options with large leaves. Below is the wallpapered wall immediately after fitting.


tropical leaf wallpaper

The new feature wall banana leaf pattern is textured, bold and vibrant and has transformed the space dramatically. We will share the rest of the space once the project is complete. Below is the wallpaper we used and a selection of the other prints we proposed. (Above & below: wallpaper from Botany Made by Lemon)


Above: Versace, Giungla green Wallpaper available from World of Wallpaper


Above: Wild Thing, designed by Ghislaine Vinas, available from Flavor Paper


Above: Crazy Banana Camo, available from Robin Sprong 


Above: Jungle Palm from available from Kingdom Home


Above: Brazilliance Banana Leaves and Grapes Dorothy Drapes Wallpaper, available from Etsy.

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