Find alternative ways to achieve functional breakfast units in the kitchen for larger appliances such as toasters, kettles, and blenders, to keep them hidden when they are not being used. Here are five ways of working a functional hide away breakfast unit into your kitchen with top tips on how to maximise this space with style.



hide away breakfast unit



Photo Credit: Amberth 



Create your hide away breakfast unit in a separate location to your main kitchen area. Whitewash double doors are subtle but they can turn into a statement feature in this space once the doors are opened with the shelving and accessories on display. Allow this unit to echo the colour palette of the kitchen to create a harmonious and intertwined space. An all-white kitchen welcomes contrasting materials and colours beautifully, and the wooden shelves add the warmth a white kitchen requires. If the wooden feature is limited, introduce vividly coloured kitchenware to inject energy and life into the area.



Modernised London Victorian home



Photo Credit: Amberth



The breakfast unit sits in this kitchens extraordinary angular features which echo the unique contours of the kitchen itself. Keep in mind, the styling of the breakfast hide away unit is meant to accentuate the character of the kitchen space, therefore, simplistic design is perfect for this minimalistic style.






Photo Credit: Trends Ideas



Pocket doors are a brilliant space saver for open kitchen diners and they are favoured for tight spaces. You can close off your breakfast, however, keep this storage feature tidy as it can be used to add interest to your sleek and modern kitchen space. A generous helping of storage can set the tone for contemporary styled space. The clean lines with the oak finish show how you can maximise space with what looks like, a pull-out worktop space. Large draws below for added storage that can be hidden when the kitchen area is in use and pocket doors offer flexibility for areas regularly used.






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If you need help planning your breakfast units, we would always recommend you seek professional help and further details on creating your own breakfast area please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or email which can be found here Amberth. We will be happy to assist you with your bespoke project.