The secret of good design in rooms with high ceilings is to use every detail in a room as a decorative and functional element. It is exactly like this that high ceilings contribute to the decoration of your place. At the same time, high ceilings will dramatically improve their entire appearance. Decorating a room with a high ceiling can be a memorable experience, mostly because of the many concepts that can be applied. On the other hand, failing to decorate tall rooms in an appropriate manner can create a boring and unattractive ambience and a complete lack of personality of the room. In order to prevent this situation, check our high ceiling decorating ideas and try to put into practice those that suit your specific home situation.



Big Windows


Another great way to ‘undercover’ height is to ensure you have just equally high windows. Large windows can turn size into an advantage and change completely the high ceiling decor. The viewers will stay focused on the amazing view; and will feel positive because of a large amount of natural light. The colour of the high ceiling curtains can make it an interesting choice too.





Photo Credit: Home Designing



Heavy Furniture


The heaviest furniture pieces should be arranged right under the ceiling’s highest point. It is one of the most successful tactics for dismissing the intimidating and empty effect that high ceilings and a tall wall, in general, can create. Better yet, large furniture pieces look classy and sophisticated in a high ceiling living room; not a cluttered and a bulky living room.





Photo Credit: Home Designing



Lavish Chandeliers


One of the first suggestions you’d come across when browsing the topic of ‘how to decorate tall ceilings’ is by adding lavish and oversized chandeliers. Having high ceilings means having generous proportions for all lighting fixtures you might have in mind. While they leave observers overwhelmed and breathless, luxurious chandeliers are an expensive and sensitive lighting solution. In case you’re cutting your decoration budget, we recommend you to opt for a tracking alternative, and buy moveable lights which you could reposition when redesigning the place of the furniture.



Contrasting Colours


Painting the moulding in a colour contrasting one of your ceilings is more than art-it is your tool for establishing visual balance at home by decorating walls.





Photo Credit: Mansion Global



More Shelves


Don’t limit your set of shelves to the ones hanging in parallel with the ceilings. This is a bit of useful advice especially for passionate readers, who can ‘defeat’ emptiness with numerous shelves (ideally in different shapes, levels, and positions). The book arrangements can be one of the best living room art ideas.





Photo Credit: Misfit