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(Re-edited version – First published on May 10th 2021)


We all want to maximise storage space, but it’s so easy to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ in your home. Every-day-use things. Occasional-use things. Treasured-but-never-going-to-use things. And all those might-come-in-handy-one-day things!


Even if you’re really ruthless when it comes to throwing things out, there’s still a lot of stuff that can clutter up your home.


Unfortunately, most homes don’t come with much storage already built-in. And freestanding cabinets waste precious floor space. So where do you put it all without overcrowding your rooms with furniture? 


In this blog, we share some clever ways you can maximise storage space to help keep your home organised and clutter-free. 


Kitchen Islands


Kitchen islands are useful for so many things. They can be used to create extra workspace, house your sink, hob or appliances and double up as a breakfast bar and seating area. But, most importantly, they give you plenty of extra storage space.

And that storage space can come in all sorts of configurations depending on your needs. Cupboards can store dry food or cleaning equipment – add pull-out racks for easy access. Drawers are great for storing cutlery, crockery and pans.


But it doesn’t just have to be cabinets and drawers. Open shelving is ideal for displaying decorative items. Or you can use them to stack plates and bowls, so they’re easily at hand to take to your dining table. You could also add spice racks, a wine rack or even a mini-fridge for your drinks.


And don’t forget the space above your island. Hanging a pan rack from the ceiling means you’ll use every bit of space possible to really maximise storage.



Photo credit: David Giles Photography – Amberth


This minimalist kitchen we designed and installed in Sloane Square, London, houses the sink and hob, plus several drawers. The grey panelling at the front of the island imitates push-to-open drawers, while the real drawers are concealed on the other side.



Mirrored bathroom cabinets


Let’s face it – clutter in the bathroom can be an eyesore. All those toiletries in their many-coloured bottles, makeup, cleansers and moisturises, toothbrushes and toothpaste. And then there’s all the bathroom cleaning equipment. That’s a lot of stuff to keep in, what’s often, the smallest room of the home.


But creating hidden storage is possible, even in tiny bathrooms. With the floor space mostly taken up by the bathroom suite, the only option is to use your vertical space – the walls.


Mirrored bathroom cabinets are perfect for this. To maximise storage space, opt for tall cabinets that reach the ceiling. You can put items you don’t use often at the top and your everyday use items on the lower shelves. And use up as much spare wall space as you can by having a mix of single and double cabinets fitted together in a row.




Photo credit: David Giles Photography – Amberth


In this bathroom we designed and installed in Hertford Road, London, the tall mirrored cabinets have been concealed into an alcove to make the room appear more spacious. And we’ve used up the whole wall space, installing two double cabinets side-by-side, to give the homeowners as much storage as possible.



Hidden appliances


The modern kitchen is home to many small electrical gadgets. And when they’re things you use often, such as coffee machines and food mixers, it’s not convenient to pack them away into cramped cupboards, only to get them out again the next day. But if you like a tidy kitchen, keeping them out on the worktop isn’t ideal either.


This is where hidden storage comes in handy. 


Shelving, cabinets and work surfaces can be built inside larger wall units with doors you can close to hide everything away. This is a perfect place to store small appliances.


To make it really convenient, have plug sockets and lighting installed inside so you don’t even need to take your appliance out of the cupboard to use it. 



Photo credit: David Giles Photography – Amberth



In this kitchen we designed and installed in Sandbrook Road, London, a handy storage cabinet, complete with drawers, worktop space and shelves, has been built into a larger wall unit. The lights come on when the doors are opened, making this a usable workspace that can be hidden away when it’s not needed.


Built-in living room storage


Your living room is probably one of the most public rooms in your home. It’s where you’re most likely to entertain guests, and the place you like to relax in. But sitting in a cluttered room isn’t very relaxing. So, maximising storage in the living room is vital.


Freestanding sideboards and bookcases are one solution, but they don’t usually provide much storage. They also take up a lot of floor space which can make your room look small and cluttered.


The ideal solution is to use your wall space instead.



Photo credit: David Giles Photography – Amberth


This living room we designed and installed in Osterley Road, St Albans, is a perfect example. Built-in shelving and cabinets have been recessed into the wall. They provide plenty of hidden storage space behind closed doors, and storage for more decorative display items on open shelves or behind glass doors. The floor space below is then free for the sofa, opening up the whole area and giving it a very spacious feel.


Built-in wardrobes


Freestanding wardrobes are useful for clothes storage, but they leave a lot of wasted space at the sides, top and back. 


A bespoke built-in wardrobe is made to fit your space exactly – from floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall and front-to-back. So, all that wasted space becomes extra storage space. Then, add some clever storage accessories, and your wardrobe will feel like a Tardis. 


You can add high shelves, split level clothes rails, drawers, pull-out shoe racks and tie racks. You could even add a section with a dressing table for all your hair and beauty accessories, a mirror, or use it to hide away a TV!




Photo credit: David Giles Photography – Amberth


In this bedroom we designed and installed in Wapping High Street, London, the built-in wardrobe is concealed into an alcove to make the room appear more spacious. It features a high shelf, rails for hanging clothes, drawers for folded clothes, and space at the bottom for shoes. The tinted glass doors make the wardrobe blend beautifully with the room and allow the homeowners to quickly find what they’re looking for.



Overbed storage


Storage space can be tricky in bedrooms, mainly because a large portion of floor space is taken up by the bed. That often doesn’t leave much room for other furniture to store all your things in. 


Overbed storage is the perfect solution because it mainly uses, what would have been, wasted wall space. From floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, every inch of space can be used to maximise storage. 


Custom-made overbed storage is built to fit your space precisely. Combine hanging space, closed cabinets and drawers for clothes and shoes, with open shelving for more decorative or personal belongings. And small storage baskets are great for all those little knickknacks that don’t stack neatly on a shelf.



Photo credit:  David Giles Photography – Amberth


In this bedroom we designed and installed in Hampden Square, London, we built overbed furniture that combines hanging space, drawers, concealed cabinets and open shelving units. Providing ample space for clothes and shoes, as well as books and other personal belongings.


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