It’s that time of year again: when the whispers of winter gently urge us indoors. And an icy veil prepares to enfold our world. As the outdoors grows colder, it beckons for comforting interiors that radiate homeliness.

Infusing warmth into your space doesn’t require major changes. In this blog, we’ll explore 5 simple ways to cosy up your home this winter to make it precisely that: more homely.


Welcoming Wintry Textures


Photo: Annie Selke 


At Amberth, we appreciate the tactile power of textures. They’re the perfect way to embrace warmth and style. 

Incorporating elements like mohair, cashmere, or velvet instantly adds a tranquil touch. Big squashy cushions and soft, thick blankets effortlessly increase a sense of comfort.  

Underfoot, consider rich-colored rugs to avoid those cold feet. Layer them on carpets for added depth and coziness.  


Illuminate Your Ambiance

Photo: Tom Raffield 


Nothing exudes comfort like warm, soft lighting. Switch to warm LEDs and utilise dimmer switches for ceiling and wall lights. Placing table lamps near sofas softens the glow. While paper or linen lampshapes create a gentle feel to diffuse the frosty coldness outside. 


Experiment with candlesticks, lanterns, and pillars that compliment your personal style. And opt for scented candles with inviting winter fragrances.  



Seasonal Foliage

Photo: The White Company 


Combat winter’s harshness with seasonal greenery like fir, holly, ivy, cedar, or juniper. Create table-top centerpieces or drape foliage over mantle pieces for a touch of holiday spirit.

For a maintenance-free alternative, consider some faux finesse with realistic-looking Hellebores and Snowdrops.


Effortless Alterations 


Photo:  Neptune 


You don’t need to remodel to craft a cosy space. Smart design tweaks can work wonders. Adding large art pieces or sentimental photos transforms cold, bare walls into personal statements. Draw furniture closer and with your fireplace at the centre to enhance warmth. Perfect for making spacious rooms feel connected.

The Comfort of Colours


Photo Credit: Soho Homes

Colours are the cornerstone of every style. And the perfect way to add a little seasonal comfort. For a contemporary feel, think warm neutrals like beige, cream, or taupe. Sage green and terracotta are trending in 2023 – a lovely way to add a touch colour while keeping it simple.
Add a sense of grandeur with jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red. Ideal colours for traditional-styled interiors.

If you prefer a more natural feel but appreciate a flair of luxury, pair neutral tones with metallic accents. Gold and copper keep it warm and radiate with elegance. 

Inspiring Spaces. Bespokely Yours. 

At Amberth, we love to inspire. But we also love to create. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your space or refurbish completely, our team is ready. To draft exquisite designs. Craft distinct features. And install it all seamlessly.
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