Incorporating black in your bathroom is a great way to give your bathroom an infusion of style, especially if you have a flat white scheme or a colour palette, which needs a pick me up. There are a number of ways to add this versatile colour into your existing bathroom design or remodel, but the trick is to choose where you’d like to feature this colour, so it doesn’t overwhelm your space. An example of a trend at the moment is the matte black bathroom trend – It’s unique yet simple.  To help get you started, we have a small selection of ideas to give you inspiration on how you can incorporate black in your bathroom.  


Image credit: Lusso Stone

It’s always hard to pull off an all black colour scheme because black will often make a room seem claustrophobic and gloomy, but when black is used sparingly it works wonders to highlight certain aspects of any room, regardless of the style of the room. Black is as versatile as white and will act as a balancing colour to unite any chosen colour scheme. It’s a great colour choice if you’re looking to rejuvenate an existing colour scheme or if you’re trying to unite a palette of colours. 





Image Credit: Island Bathrooms



You may see a lot of modern black products on the market but this latest trend isn’t only focused on modern design, traditional properties will also benefit from an infusion of black too. From black trellis shower frames to elegant black handle bath mixers, there’s plenty of classical products which will add a touch of elegant sophistication to your bathroom. 





Image Credit: David Giles 

Bathroom completed by: Amberth 



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