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Sophistication: a word we hear often in the world of interior design. It’s easy to call something sophisticated. But it’s not so easy to capture it in a space. True sophistication in design is a delicate balance – clean, yet dynamic. Classy, yet real-world. It’s elusive; so how do you achieve it? The answer lies in elements that embody its essence. And nothing quite says ‘sophistication’ like matte black.


This versatile hue is a design chameleon. It fits in with almost any style, from a sleek modernist look to the resurgence of bold, expressive palettes. The key is strategic placement; one that enhances, not overwhelms, your space.


If this all sounds like a whole art form of its own, that’s because it is – luckily, design is our preferred form of expression. And we’ve got a curated selection of ideas to help you use this powerful colour in the most eloquent ways possible.



Why Matte Black?


Matte Black Bathroom by Amberth

Photo credit: Amberth, Osterley Road project,


Unlike glossy black, matte black, has a soft, velvety texture, exuding a timeless appeal that won’t age with trends. How you use this hue is up to you:  you might add it to features that bring definition to your architecture. Or, you might decide to soak your entire bathroom in its deeply dramatic appeal. Whichever you choose, it can be a stunning affair.


Moreover, matte black’s practicality extends beyond its aesthetic charm. It absorbs light, reducing glare and making it ideal for areas with a lot of natural light. And say goodbye to water spots and fingerprints – this shade conceals imperfections with ease.



Matte Black in 2024.


Matte Black Bathroom by The Bath House

Photo Credit: The Bath House


We’re doing matte black differently in 2024. Gone are the days when we hid this colour in our corners. Modern design is seeing a bold and brilliant use of it for feature walls, statement bathtubs, fixtures, and cabinetry. All of which boast clean lines with sleek hardware for a striking focal point.


Keep shiny materials minimal to avoid detracting from the matte appeal. Opt for a mix of metallics to create a glamorous contrast – brushed gold, brass, and chrome are popular choices for this blend.




 Matte Black for the Traditional Bathroom.


Traditional Bathroom my Edward George with Matte Black features

Photo Credit: Edward George London


Think your traditional-styled bathroom won’t mesh with matte black? Think again. 

This hue gives traditional bathrooms a modern class. The trick is to introduce it in a way that complements the style. A black clawfoot tub, for example, is a timeless piece that does this perfectly. And matte black frames or faucets compliment classic vanities while adding a refined feel.


There is a place for it in bathroom flooring, too. Black and white mosaic tiles bring out the best of both colour and vintage flair.



Industrial Inspiration: The Versatile Matte Black.


Industrial Style Bathroom by Curated InteriorPhoto Credit: Curated Interior


In the realm of industrial style, versatility reigns supreme. Matte black emerges as the perfect companion for this. Its capacity to blend with aesthetics and add a bold statement makes it a must-have in any industrial bathroom. But, as with any trend, strategic integration is key.


Bring this tone to your exposed pipes to flaunt the raw beauty of industrial elements. Highlight concrete walls and metal accents for an authentic industrial vibe. Or choose geometric, matte black fixtures and open metal shelving.


Who says styles can’t coexist? For a touch of vintage charm, incorporate pendant lighting with Edison bulbs, adding a stylised accent to your industrial oasis.





While it’s a powerful design element, using matte black strategically prevents overwhelming smaller spaces. Our last words of wisdom for today are: illuminate with care. Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting. Especially with darker colours. Incorporate brighter fixtures or maximise natural light sources to maintain an inviting ambience.


The matte black bathroom trend is your ticket to timeless sophistication. By thoughtfully integrating this versatile shade, you can craft a space that’s not only stylish, but functional, too.



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