Colours speak the language of our souls. And blue, in its myriad of shades, sings a symphony of emotions. Picture a clear blue sky lifting your spirits on a sunny day. Or the sea’s lapping waves creating a soothing ambiance. Or a meadow’s heavenly scents of Forget-Me-Nots, Cornflowers, and Bluebells.


Each variation of this shade evokes unique sensations, making it a top choice for home decor. But how do you harness its beauty for your distinct style? Here are 6 beautiful tips to inspire you.


Kitchen Accents: A Fresh, Modern Look


Photo Credit: Amberth, London Project


The colour of cleanliness and purity, blue enlivens your kitchen with a touch of personality.

Blue cabinets, feature walls, or appliances add the right amount without bringing an imbalance.

Pastel tones whisper a gentle hello. White bolder shades like sapphire or inky blue generate a vibrancy. Take inspiration from our London renovation featured above and use bolder shades to experience the full brilliance of blue.


Your Living Room: A Canvas for Every Mood


Photo Credit: The White Lighthouse


There’s one room that cradles many moods: your living room. And blue, in its many shades, accommodates any occasion. For a home that hosts frequent gatherings, let sapphire walls ignite conversation and plush cerulean sofas invite guests to linger. Bold blues create an energy that accommodates the vibrancy of gatherings.

If you desire a family centric space, the playful nature of navy and azure bring a youthful zest. Exuding the feeling of shared joy.

Seeking a space to unwind? Pastel hues and sky-soft blues beckons you to relax and exhale. The perfect shades to infuse your plush cushions and comforting throws.


Bathroom Bliss: Soak In Serenity


Photo credit: Amberth, Spa Retreat Style Bathroom


After a long day, nothing beats a soothing soak in the calmest of environments. Blue, in its many guises, brings a spa-worthy solace.

Although it’s often considered a cool tone, it can be so much more than that. The gold-infused blue of marble you see in this iconic design by Amberth creates the ultimate sense of grandeur. Merging the warmth of copper and darker flooring for a greater depth and contrast.


Statement Walls



Photo credit: Graham & Brown


If you want to steer clear from a blue-dominated space, a statement wall is your answer. Choose a shade that speaks to your soul. Lighter blues promote a peaceful atmosphere. While deeper tones add drama and sophistication.

Think of your existing colour palette and choose a blue that compliments, not clashes. Add touches of the same blue through cushions, artwork, or vases so it feels like it belongs.


Blue Tiles for Any Style


Photo Credit: Topps Tiles



Tiles are an exquisite way to bring a bit of blue into your space. Whether it’s through a kitchen splashback, hallway flooring, or feature wall, they’re an easy aesthetic to merge with any style.

Think large geometric floor tiles for that modern edge or keep them small and detailed for a vintage flair. Rustic charm radiates from large, darker tiles – beautiful partners for copper accents.

Let these tips be your compass as you navigate the endless possibilities of blue. Experiment, explore, and discover the shades that speak to your heart. With a colour like this, there’s something for everyone.


Design That Speaks for Itself.

By combining creativity with well-chosen colours, Amberth can turn your kitchen and bathroom into a canvas of personal expression. Making it a true reflection of you.

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